Whats with the high jitter?

i have read up on jitter and seem to understand what causes it. however i dont understand why i get such higher numbers at the beginning of my burns. the pie and pif are so good. its not just this scan, its all my yuden t02 scans. i know under 15% is ok, but come on. :bigsmile:

imgburn 2400, smartburn only, , 20A1P KLON official, 8x burn, 4x scan.

The high jitter at the beginning could be caused by the increasing burn speed at the beginning of the disc (P-CAV) and when a constant 8x speed is reached, the jitter falls.

You could test this theory by burning at 6x in the same drive which will be a constant linear speed on the whole disc.

Agreed with Drage.

Also, do media other than T02 show this similar behavior or do you have some media that don’t have high jitter at the start?

thanks for your replies. :slight_smile:

i will do a 6x burn and post burn and scan graphs.

here is a 6x burn with imgburn saved with dvdinfo pro and a cdspeed 4x scan.

i have ritek f1, sony d21, and mcc004 scans which dont show this jitter. however most were either burned with benq or klon eohtIII firmware.

ritekf1 - constant 9’s

sony d21 - ranges from 8’s to high 9’s

mcc004 - mostly all in the 8’s a few mid to high 7’s

edit// i guess this drive/firmware/mid just dont like 6x.

might try playing around with different firmwares to see the effect. but i just really like the pie, pifs of this combo.

i get better results from MCC 004 with Benq DW2000 9B3E.stock firmware at 6x.