What's with that SATA speed?

Okay, I connected the SATA power supply cable and the SATA data cable. Everything works fine, but I can’t see the difference in speed, really.

I installed some Intel chipset utility (it says that SATA will function properly if I install this). I measured the speed of the disk in Nero and it says that it’s 42.000 KB. That’s slow for SATA, isn’t it?

Should I install some SATA drivers or something? I got some floppy with the mobo but I don’t know what to do with it. It supports some silicon (3112 and 3114) SATA, Intel SATA and VIA.

Help, please. I want those 150 MB/s :slight_smile:

Mobo: Abit IC7-G
Disk: WD1600JD

There’s some quick notice on the disk saying that the jumper is now on the default mode and is not supporting some function (I can’t recall it). If it’s important, I can check it.

The SATA interface speed is a theoretical speed limit. A SATA hard drive does not perform any faster than a PATA drive, just because it’s connected via the SATA interface.

Most SATA drives are identical to their PATA versions except for the interface bridge. So, you won’t see any speed difference with a SATA drive. What you will see is the improvements resulting from using a single-port connection that does not compete with another device on the came channel. And, since you’re using the Intel chipset-based controller, you will also not see any limitations due to PCI bus overloading.

To see true “SATA-like” performance, you need a HD that is 10,000 RPM and has other speed advances, like the WD Raptor drives.

Edit: I stand corrected, it appears that this MB uses the SIL chip controlller, which is a PCI bus controller.

Geez, I’m so out of the computer scene … Can you tell me now, if it’s good anyway that I’ve bought SATA disk or not? Depending on my MB and disk.

Yeah, it’s silicone controller for raid if I’m not mistaken. And I think that onboard sata (sata 1 and 2, 3 & 4 could be enabled via pci controller) are Intel.

It’s better than PATA for the reasons stated, certainly it’s good to remove the HD from the IDE controller cause that leaves more room for burners. :wink:

You won’t notice any speed difference between PATA and SATA in normal conditions.

Run 2 x SATA Drives in Raid 0 though and you’ll get some seriously fast hard drive speeds!

Are you talking about a pair of Raptor 74GB or plain 7200 RPM SATA? There is no major difference between 7200 RPM SATA and ATA HDs in RAID 0. Raptor is a whole different story w/ its 10K RPM.

I’ll wait for SATA-II to come out before getting into the SATA game.