What's VOB all about?

I recently backed up a DVD using DVDFAB Decrypter to my HDD and the output file isn’t in a normal format. When I decided to burn it using CloneDVD2 it told me the file could not be accessed. Now it appears that I can burn this type of file directly to the DVD using Nero Recoder, but I was wondering was it my bad in not paying attention to the settings in DVD Fab Decrypter?

What do you mean by out files is not in right normal format? If you rip it with DVD Decrypter then you can burn it with Decrypter also or rip it with DVD Shrink and automatically will burn by Nero after ripping is finished.

Actually, the files are on my HDD, and if I use Nero Player, it plays from the HDD just fine. But when I tried to burn the files to a DVD, CloneDVD2 told me that it could not “find” the files. I then tried using Nero to burn an image which was the first time I ever used Nero7 for that task. Didn’t work… wasted a DL DVD too! All I had.

Then I tried using Nero to convert the files and stored them in another location on the HDD. After that was done, I was able to use CloneDVD2 to write to another blank DVD. DVDFab tells me I have to disable AnyDVD to use DVDFAb… so I didn’t want to do that. This was on a tag-sale $2.00 DVD that was unprotected. My sister picked it up this weekend while visiting, and I tried to dupe it for the kids before she went home. Little did I know that DVDFab uses different formats.

Your thread title question - What’s VOB all about?
A - VOB is the an extension of files in a DVD video structure, the ones with the video files. Nothing wrong about them. The only issue is that you can’t copy and get a usable DVD unless you use the appropriate tools - and Nero 7 is not one of them, unless to copy an ISO image.
Nero Recode can do it, because it re-authors your DVD.