What's up with the mountains at the end of my Ty02 burns?

Topic prety much says it all…
Burned @8X and scanned @4X with my 812@832 CG3B. These are TY02 discs purchased from Rima. They are the silver top version.

I’m a little confused because most of the posts on this media have mountains at the beginning not the end…Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t be too worried. They are well within the spec. Very good PIFs, which is the most important.

How many have you burned so far?

Please disregard the second scan. It was done on my Sony DVD rom drive. I will admit however that it is interesting that the scan it produced was nearly the same as the third scan which is the same disc done on the liteon. hmmmmmm…

Well I decided to do a burn with my NEC 3500 using Herrie’s 1.07FW and the TY media. I must admit I will be burning my TY with the NEC from now on… :smiley:

If only I could leave the recalibrate on, in CG3B, after the 3GB point. You’d probably get a similar result. But those dam PIF relink spikes, past the 3GB point, would probably cause a coaster. :sad:

Heres more from an 812s@832s CG3B fw and YDEN000T02 discs burned at 8x and scanned at 4x:

Looks pretty good to me, but then I’m still new to this and the scans I was getting with Prodisc media were much worse than this.

Your scan is missing.

BTW: To save and attach a KProbe scan:
After the scan is complete, click the small diskette button on the toolbar and at the save as dialog select a file type of .PNG. Attach the saved file to your post by using the “Manage Attachments” button in the “Go Advanced” post mode.

D’oh… I had just linked to the image on my server…
Lets try again…

Here we go… Sorry for the mess…

You can see CG3B’s recalibrate doing it’s job, by the flattening of the PIs, but those spikes after the 3GB point are a bit odd. How many of these discs have you burned? Make sure there are no finger prints or dust on the disc before burning it.

That was my 4th one… If you want me to scan the others and post them, I can but I wont have time to do it until tonight. Just getting off work

Here’s some more scans from burns I’ve done with the YUDEN000T02…
They play fine in set-top DVD players… Could there be a better write strategy for them?

The first scan is ok but the second one is very unlike T02. T02 does seem to be a bit more variable then it used to be. I haven’t heard of anyone else using a different strategy for T02.

Is this the only two discs you have burned?
Do you have any other media switched to the T02 startegy?

Just these two and the one from my post above is all I have… I have not done any strategy changes at all. Just flashed the standard CG3B firmware.

I can only suggest that you make sure you are using MS IDE drivers, that your mobo drivers are up to date, that you are not using any Intel accelerators and then try another disc.

OK… Uninstalled Intel Accelerator, made sure I was using MS XP drivers, and defragged.

Then burned another and scanned it.

You sure those are real Taiyo Yuden discs? There has been a lot of fake TY discs floating around of late, and they are a lot poorer quality than real TY.

Might account for the poor burns.

How can I tell if they’re fakes?

Here’s another burn.
This time, I updated Nero from to, and I killed off some apps in my systray like DU Meter, Weatherbug, GAIM, and ASUS Probe.

This burn looks a lot better than the previous few… I dont know if killing off the other apps did any good… I’ve got a 2.5ghz P4 with a gig of memory.
Could the older version of Nero been causing the problem?
I also disable McAfee when I burn a DVD.

Also, I have the drive as master with a LiteOn 40125s as the slave. Should I have these drives on a 40 pin or will they work with an 80 pin cable?

Anyway, here’s the scan:

That’s much better. Excellent PI count. You could turn on force fallback, if you want but I don’t think it’s worth it for that low an error mountain. Your call…

I’d use an 80 pin if you have one but it’s not required for ATA33.