What's Up With The Jitter?

I’ve noticed a huge difference in the 100 pack spindle of TY CD-R I just opened. The TY came directly from Taiyo Yuden in Illinois! While the C1 errors are OK, and there are no C2 errors, the Jitter graph is funky with negatively deflected spikes which I have never experienced before. The discs were burned on a Plextor 716A with firmware 1.09. Nero scans were done on a BenQ 1640 firmware BSLB and BSMB

I recently installed a new SATA harddrive and installed Win XP and use it with my 2 older Parallel IDE drives. I have the MSI Neo 2 Platinum motherboard and have always used the nVidia drivers WITHOUT issue. Also with this new install, I loaded Nero 7 (v.7.0.12).

Since I was able to burn CD’s without the fugly Jitter spikes with Nero 6.x, I’m thinking that either the new Nero or the new spindle of TY CD-R is responsible, or maybe it just is an artifact and not a true Jitter issue. Why there are no spikes when the media was burned at 32X is a mystery to me. BTW, these are consecutive discs on the spindle. All Read Transfer Rate scans look good and there are no problems with the playback of these discs.


  1. Nero Disc Info
  2. Nero Disc Quality Burned at 16X
  3. Nero Disc Quality Burned at 32X
  4. Nero Disc Quality Burned at 48X
  5. Nero Read Transfer Rate (from 48X burn, though all RTR scans look similar)

Just for fun I burned a disc in the BenQ 1640 at 48X. Good burn, disc plays well in players but still with the same Jitter spikes. Also, note that the Read Transfer Rate graph maxes out at 27.05X speed! What’s up with that??

Are these issues tied to having a SATA harddrive, the new Nero 7, Nero CD DVD Speed (multiple versions tried with similar results), the old nVidia IDE driver issue (which has never been a problem before), the new spindle of discs (have to get something else to try out that theory) or just a sprite in the machine giving me a headache?

Anyone, Beuller, anyone?

I’ve seen it discussed here before - perhaps in Benq forum - but i don’t remember if there was an explanation :slight_smile:

What do the scans look like in your Plextor, bulletx? I consider my 1640 good for counting C1 errors on CDs but that’s about it. For reliable CD scanning, I use my PX712a. Hell, I bet you could glue a penny to the recording side and the 1640/CDSpeed scan would still score it in the high 80s… :bigsmile:


Good idea… the scan in the Plextor… not the penny! :slight_smile:

Will do and post.

Burned a new disc. Still get a nice Nero Read transfer Rate scan and a nice Nero Disc Quality scan except for the presence of the spikes in the Jitter and RTR graph line. Then I scanned the disc in the Plextor 716A, FW 1.09, using PxScan.

I have had those negatively deflected Jitter spikes in PxScan before, but not the Jitter spikes in Nero Disc Quality. Funny how the spikes occur throughout the PxScan scan, but, only at the beginning of the Nero Disc Quality scans.

SO… What’s causing the Jitter spikes?

Not sure what the deal is, but look at the bright side - The ‘spikes’ are going down, not up :D. The error levels are fine and the transfer rate is fine, so I wouldn’t be concerned.

I did notice one thing, the read speeds dip when the jitter dips. That may help point to what is going on, although I don’t know what that would be…

The 1640 has sometimes glitches like that when scanning. Nothing to worry about.

The thing I personally dislike is that the 1640 produces very high jitter even with TY discs at any burning speed above 24X. I get much better results, jitter-wise, with Plextor and Nec burns. It rarely goes over 7.5 - 8% even with cheap CDRs.

IMO jitter > 10% with TY CDRs, even @48X, is mediocre performance. I’m alone on this one, but because of this I consider the Benq 1640 as a poor CD burner.

I also find the BenQ to be less as a CD burner compared to my Plextor 716A, though it does a fine job with DVD+R’s and +RW’s.

BTW… Most of the burns were done with the Plextor 716A. I just use the BenQ 1640 for scanning since it takes less time and seems to correlate with playability on my standalone DVD player similarly as when I use PxScan and the Plextor. It’s an “I’m impatient” issue! :cool:

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, bulletx. That PXScan shows a top-quality recording and the tiny jitter dropoffs have shown up in PX-716 scans before. What’s interesting about the dropoffs is that they don’t seem to be taken into consideration by either PXScan or CDSpeed when showing max values (or average). I guess the bottom line is, if they don’t pay attention neither should you. It would be interesting to know why they’re on the graphs, though.

Precisely my thinking as well.

The discs play without issue, so I’m Ok.

Thanks for your, and everyone’s, input.