What's up with RICOHJPNR01 supplies?

It seems that in the past month or so the prices for this media have gone way up, and now Newegg has removed them from their listing(‘deactivated’) after being ‘out of stock’ for a couple weeks. Are they being discontinued by the manufacturer? I would find it hard to believe they would discontinue such a high-quality and successful item. They certainly have been my favorite media for the last year or more.
Have I recommended them to too many people, and now supply-and-demand have ruined the ‘best kept secret’ of cheap, fantastic media? :wink: :bigsmile:

Anybody heard anything?

Manufacturers are discontinuing 4x media and focusing on 8x and 16x, as well as DL media.

The production has been discontinued months ago.
The last batches were allready the stock that was still left.

I still see a lot of R01 on stores like Target, Office Max and even CompUSA. Look for Fuji 4x, TDK 4x, Imation 4x and of course Memorex.

Also Maxell 4x made in Taiwan are RICOHJPNR01. The 15 or 25 pack.
Bought them from Office Depot.

Is RICOHJPNR01 better than RICOHJPNR02 even for burning 8X? I have a spindle of Maxell RICOHJPNR02 and they are absolutely fantastic.

By what I’ve seen, R01@8x > R02@8x. Go figure.

I cant even get R02’s here.
It seems like some big bad shop is buying all stocks of them lol
a few weeks ago i bought tons and now they re out of stock everywhere.
Same goes for most verbatims i must go to an shop thats 50km’s away to get some nice media thats simplified crazy lol

It’s too bad, the R01’s may be my favorite media, they have actually been better on my ND-3500 and my old litey 811 at 8x than the ty’s and verbs, though both of them are excellent too. Lucky I bought 80 or so of the from Staples (as Maxells) when they had a closeout a few months ago.

thanks guys for your feedback. I hadn’t heard that they had ceased production. I could understand the price increase from a business standpoint, but ceasing production makes no sense, but I guess I don’t have all the facts…there must be some reason…anyway, I haven’t tried any TY02 with my new BenQ yet, so I am looking forward to that, just not the $$$ for it :(. I will keep an eye out for the ‘best buy’ sales.

Best Buy this week Fuji TY 50 pk for $19.99, can’t beat that. These are in the flyer, however at the “specials” table in front they showed 25 pks for $19.99. Go to the media aisle and get a 50, the price says $39.99 but it will scan at $19.99 at the register. Make sure you read the label and it says made in Japan. :iagree: