Whats up with +/-R firmware hack


1 thing first, i wanna have a dvd burner… but the one im hooked on is not on stock in anny stores worldwide (Sony DRU 500AX)

2 it seems sony dru 500ax is buggy ??? lot of posts in various support forums

3 altrenative… was thinking of Plextor 504a… read that its the same as NEC 1100A and again HP 300i… witch might be able to support -R/+R/-RW/+RW with a hacked firmware… is that so?..does it work?..where to pick it up?..

i hope u can in lighten me

sorry for the spelling/gramma (didnt pay attention i school pfff.)

skipper.dk :bigsmile:

I think the firmware hack is more hope than reality now. My advice is get the recorder features you want from the beginning.

well that pretty much meaning: waiting for the sony drive, could be a good idea…

if the firmware idea, is no good at the moment… that for sure the safest solution at the time