Whats up with Optiarc?

They haven’t released a desktop drive in quite a while!! Is there a new one in the pipeline for the US? Especially since LabelFlash media is available now, you would think they would be pimping one out.

There are always new drives in the pipeline.
If a LabelFlash license can be arranged in the USA then yes, if it can’t, then there wont be a LabelFlash drive for the USA.

So they released the media here in the US, but not any drives, that makes alot of freakin sense!! Then they get mad when you wanna cross flash. I say bump em.

Optiarc don’t own the license, Yamaha do. Optiarc is not responsible for releasing any media, the media manufactures are, so it’s not Optiarc’s fault.

Yeah, I guess my frustration should be directed at Yamaha\LabelFlash. Why license the media to be sold here in the US and not give the hardware makers the license. Its probably a ploy to get the hardware manufactures to give them some more money.