What's up with my read-speed in Nero CD-Speed? (BD-R SL)

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer BDR-203BK. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi All!

Just got my BDR-2003BK a bit over a week ago, and so far I’ve written 5 BD-R discs.

Being a bit new to the bluray writing thing (I’ve been having cd/dvd-burners for ages) I wanted to check my results for a couple of discs, just to see that I actually have something that will last for a while (backing up 20+ gb’s makes me a bit “worried”.

So I’ve downloaded both Nero CD/DVD Speed, och DVD Infotool Pro to do some scans.

My problem is that I can’t seem to get my writer to read BD-R discs any faster than 2x - neither by doing a “scandisc” or “benchmark”… they all spin on in a steady pace…

I’ve tried this with both TDK & Ritek discs, and they both show the same…

What am I doing wrong?
(Or - What have I missed?)

Thanks in advance,

Just found my drive was sitting in PIO only, not sure if this applicable to you, but check it.

PIO only?

Ehhh… what? How?

Edit - is this the setting for the drive? PIO or DMA?
If it is I already verified it’s running in DMA mode.

As additional info I can say that I haven’t “timed” how long it takes copying things from the disc to my HD, but I do know that Nero’s verification procedure reads the disc with up to 8x speed.

Run Nero Info tool, under Configuration tab it will list all you ATA devises and connection details.

Yeah, I did…

It says I’m running in DMA mode (see img).

I’ve also tried copying a disc to my hd using dvd decrypter (saving as disc image) and the spped I get is just over 9000mb/sec which translates to about 2x.

Any more ideas?