What's up with my DVD-RW disc?



Hi, what’s wrong with my DVD-RW disc?
I have a disc that I’ve written to and erased a couple of times (~5). Now when I try to use it Nero writes to it normally (it seems) but it can’t be read back in the burner.

I’m attaching a screenshot so you can see how it looks in Nero. I have tried quick erasing it in Nero, quick and full format in DvdInfoPro but it still comes up like 1MB in Nero… What can I do?


DVD-RW media (like CD-RW media) can be very unreliable,
especially cheap low quality discs.

Have you tried a full erase?

Andy :smiley:


Originally posted by WebTech Inc
… Have you tried a full erase?
Andy :smiley:

To clarrify, I think WebTech Inc is talking about full erase IN Nero… :wink:

I had same problem some time ago when I erased one Maxell -RW in DVDInfoPro. Don´t do it! Always try to erase in same program that you are using for burning.