What's up with my dvd player?



My question is; why won’t my dvd player play certain backed up movies, but will play in my computer? I burn only on dvd rw’s and I use several copying software, (X,roxio,nero and shrink). I can reburn the movie by using another program and sometimes it will play in my dvd player. I have made 2 copies, the first one will play, the second will not. I have mixed up the blank dvd’s. I clean the laser lens every week. Every successful backup dvd will play in my computer. Any suggestions?
Thanks, John


It depends almost on the standalone player.
Sometimes helps booktype setting to dvd-rom and changing the media brand.
If you test some medias and checked what the player likes, i’d only use this media :wink:


Some players just don’t like some medias. It could be that the players ability to read this particular media is marginal. If it can read some I wouldn’t think it would be a bitsetting issue (with bittsetting issues, either it will or it wont read a +r). I would also sugest trying other media. Bitsetting Is always a good idea though. You never know when you might want to play it on another player or when you might buy another player and bitsetting maximises your compatibility.