What's up with my 215D?

Three weeks ago, I bought a 215D and a Samsung S203N. All was fine for the first couple of weeks. Tonight, I burned a disc on the Pioneer for the first time in a few days and ran a TRT test on the same drive. Whoa! Then I ran the test (same disc) on the Samsung. Not perfect, but MUCH better.

This isn’t world class media, but it is Taiyo Yuden. I got the same results first on an MBI 01RG40 disc and reburned the same image on the TY to see if it was a media problem. I’ve been getting decent scans on the MBIs until now. Is there anything obvious I should look for before I assume this Pioneer has just lost its mind?

I will say that last week I changed out hard drives and I think these are the first burns and scans since the hard drive changes.

The driver is 5.1.2535.0 dated 7/1/2001 but Windows claims it can find no newer driver. I had no reason to check that until now.

Seriously, is the 215D in trouble already?