What's up with Memorex?

Hey, I just purchased a 50-pack 40x CD-R bundle from Memorex. I don’t believe its the TY version because there’s no screw-on cap on the top. Anyway, it all started when I bought a 48x16x48 CD-RW drive by I/O Magic paired with a 30-pack 40x Memorex CD-RW media. The first CD went fine, but the rest of them wouldn’t work - they would give me random buffer underrun errors (and i was writing them at 40x). Thinking it was the drive (because the issue was with almost all of the cd’s), I returned the drive for a Philips 40x12x48 CD-RW with TBW and seamless link. I managed to get it to burn the rest of the leftover Memorex 40x CD-RW’s from the 30 pack (with only one that didn’t work). Now that i’ve bought the Memorex 40x 50-pack, the problems have returned. I was able to burn the first cd in the pack with no problems, but now NONE of the other CD’s will work at 40x. I can manage to burn the Memorex CD-R at 24x, but it reads it VERY SLOW after the burn is complete (the 40x write I did on the first one had no problems reading it). So what’s up with Memorex? Are their CD-R’s just crap these days, or did I just get a second bad CD-RW drive? Please, someone help!

You need to distinguish between buffer problems and media problems, they are very different problems. Yes, the Memorex are cheap CMC discs, but that doesn’t create buffer problems. You may have several problems combining to make bad burns here.
Please try some decent media like Fuji or TY, burn it at it’s rated speed and see how it goes. In any case, if Nero is indicating buffer problems during the burn, you have something else going on besides bad media.

Maybe the drive is stuck in PIO mode?

Since you did not supply us with your OS or your burning program
we could only speculate what your problem could be.

As for Memorex, it is quite simple. If it says “Made in Japan” in your wrapping or it has a screw-on top, it is highly likely that it is TY or some decent quality Japanese manufacturer. If it says “Made in Taiwan”, it is probably CMC or some other
cheap Taiwanese manufacturer who won Memorex’s order.

Use Cdspeed or Smartburn to check who may be the manufacturer of your cd-r’s.

Yes, my drive is using Ultra DMA Mode 1. It’s on a standalone cable as a slave (no master because Windows XP wouldn’t let me set the drive in DMA mode when it was on master).

Here are my system specs…

OS: Windows XP
Athlon 750MHz
IBM Deskstar 80GXP 7200 RPM
EPoX VIA KX133 Motherboard
ATI All-In-Wonder Rage 128 Pro (if it has anything to do with it)
VIA Built-In Sound (also, if it has anything to do with it)

Here is the ATIP Information from one of the CD-R’s using Feurio

ATIP info from disk - Read by Feurio 1.65
Recorder: PHILIPS - CDRW4012P
ATIP start of lead in: -02:27:56 (sector: -11081)
ATIP start of lead out: 79:59:73 (sector: 359998)
Manufacturer code: 97 32 19 - Prodisc Technology Inc.
(Type: 9)
Reference speed: -
Minimum recording speed: -
Maximum recording speed: -
Unrestriced use: No
Disc type: Not Rewriteable
Disc subtype: Medium Type C, low Beta category
Target writing power: 6
Power multiplication factor: -
Target y value: -
Erase/writer power ratio: -

(Sorry for the format - it doesn’t seem that this forum supports tabs)

There you go. Please, can someone PLEASE tell me what the ATIP specs mean? I’m just a newbie at this stuff so any help would be appreciated! And why doesn’t Feurio detect the maximum and minimum recording speeds?

The thing that’s strange is that the first bundle of Memorex CD’s didn’t work with my first drive, but worked with the second. But now i’m having the same problem again with the second bundle with the second drive!

The drive works fine with 10x High-Speed Memorex CD-RW’s. It used to work fine with the 40x Memorex until now.

Sorry, the following phrase that was in the first post (corrections made in bold):

“Anyway, it all started when I bought a 48x16x48 CD-RW drive by I/O Magic paired with a 30-pack 40x Memorex CD-RW media.”

Should have been:

“Anyway, it all started when I bought a 48x16x48 CD-RW drive by I/O Magic paired with a 30-pack 40x Memorex CD-R media.”

Prodisc is like Ritek: They make some good media, but also sell terrible crap. If you got some bad Prodisc, they might also be a source for errors.

No, I don’t think that my drive has any buffer problems because of it’s large buffer capacity (4MB). What it does is that the burn progress slows down to about 1X and then completely stops for about three minutes, with the buffer level sitting at 100%. After about two more minutes, the CD is ejected and I get a buffer underrun error. I don’t think it’s a buffer underrun because the buffer level never goes below 90% during the whole process. I’m also using one of the best CD-Recording software, Adaptec Easy CD Creator 5 Platimum, so i don’t think it’s much of a software issue.

My Lite-On LTR-40125S bio’s reading is UDMA 2. 1 may be a little low. Cable problem possibility.
Check your DMA setting in your device manager.
Goto Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager -
IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller - Secondary - Advanced Settings.
If you don’t have Advanced Settings, your DMA is screwed up.
If that is the case, uninstall your drivers in the IDE ATA/ATAPI Contoller. Then reinstall them. That should straighten out the
DMA problem.

The Secondary IDE Controler is already set to ‘DMA if availible’ on the slave drive. I looked on the box of my CD-RW and it says that it supports Ultra DMA 2. Is there any way that I can get it wo work on 2? I’m using a 40-pin cable for the drive, and Ultra DMA 2 should work with a 40-pin cable. I know that my WinXP driver supports more than UDMA 2 because my Hard Drive is set to Ultra DMA 3 on the primary IDE controller (which has an 80-pin UDMA cable). However, the secondary should still work with a 40-pin in UDMA2. Is there possible a registry tweak or something that would “force” Windows XP to put the drive in UDMA2? I don’t believe it has anything to do with the “step-down” feature of Windows XP (the feature that gradually steps down the UDMA level of a drive if it’s unstable at the higher level) because Windows XP never set it to UDMA 2 in the first place.

Make sure everything is set right in BIOS.
Then delete the entry in device manager for the drive, and for the IDE controller. then reboot and see what it shows.

Alright. I’ll see what I can do. As of right now, I’m working on an English project that’s due tomorrow! So I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to do it. Thanks.

“reformat harddrive and reinstall windows” I might a well make it my sig.

“So what’s up with Memorex? Are their CD-R’s just crap these days, or did I just get a second bad CD-RW drive?”

Their CRAP! I got a 5 pack here right now and their so bad I doubt I could write to them with a Sharpie, Ink would vanish. Trash bin. At least I got five new slim line cases.

In my experience, not only are Memorex overpriced, they’re also garbage. Stay away, and poke with a long stick.

Just seen these comments on Memorex, and it looks as though there are still problems. I have been using CD-RW to back up digital photos, and of the 15 disks I have burnt, I have just found that 12 have failed to read. These are all Memorex. Two of the three disks remaining readable are Fuji, and this suggests to me that the problem is unique to Memorex. The other readable disk is a Memorex, but I have no confidence in the longevity of this remaining Memorex disk. This represents a failure rate of 92% over a two year period. The most recent failure was burnt in August 2006, and has now become unreadable within 3 months. Fortunately, I have external hard drive back-up, so this is no more than an irritation. However, I was advise against using Memorex for any form of storage.

CD-RW are not good for any kind of longtime storage.
As Memorex is using Infodisc CD-RW (which I’ve had bad experiences with), I wouldn’t recommend them anyway.

i would:

  1. try an even slower burn
  2. hold up the disc to the flourescent light bulb and look for uneven dye spread
  3. scaning with nero would be nice

dznutz: Not all CD-RW support all speeds! And, it’s not an organic dye but phase change :slight_smile:

whoops i thought he was talking about cdr