What's up with light scribe...again?

I’m having trouble burning an image with the light scribe feature on my samsung sh-s182m dvd/cd writer. The writer is an oem version.Heres the problem…whenever I try to burn an image, using nero 6.0.18. the light scribe print property window opens and proceeds to act as though its preparing the disc for burning. However after about 5 minutes an error message appears that says PRINT PROCESS FAILED…AN INTERNAL ERROR OCCURED. When I tried to update my firmware, through SFDNWIN.EXE,(of which I got this from samsung’s online tech/ live support,)I received the message FLASH CMD FAIL. And after Downloading 7 different files, one of which is the LS_HSI.exe file,I still am unable to burn an image. Samsung tech support was no help,nor was nero or the lightscribe support. The burner is not even a month old.Everything else works fine.I’m also using the surething deluxe 4 edition cd/cdvd labeler, but i,m not sure if this version of surething supports lightscribe.On an earlier thread , although not for the same name writer,they seem to have the same problem and eventually solved the problem by uninstalling nero then reinstalling lightscribe and then reinstalling nero.But I only have the software that came with the drive. Lightscribe came with the software.Since my operating system is windows xp with sp/2, I don’t feel like I have to be an einstein to use this product.If there is anyone who has experienced these problems, and solved them or can offer any suggestions short of changing my regestry,I’m open to suggestions.

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