Whats this firmware 2.88 for the nec 3500AG?

i found on the firmware page a “new” firmware for the nec 3500AG…FW number is 2.88? and i dont find it here in the forum…so could anybody say what this is for a firmware :wink:



Its old i’m affraid

dame on http://forum.rpc1.org/portal.php stand its NEW GRML…

2.88 09.11.2004 00

CD-R Version: 1.25
CD-RW Version: 1.24
DVD-R Version: 1.40
DVD-RW Version: 1.35
DVD+R Version: 1.58g
DVD+RW Version: 1.37
DVD+R9 Version: 1.26

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)

Yep looks like a 2.18 duplicate. Here’s the media table. it’s a compressed excel file.

ND3500A Media 2.88.zip (32 KB)