Whats this Conrexx and E-net thing all about then?

I am actually involved in the media trade and I was forwarded a link to a post, which I read, which heavily slates e-net. This is in contradiction to another post on another forum, which heavily slates Conrexx

I thought I would let you guys know whets really going on since I know both parties involved in this dispute.

Lets start with the most obvious one Conrexx is not Ritek they are a branch office which means they are just a customer for ritek along with dozens of other oems including Memorex, TDK, Verbatim, and even e-net!! They are also the owners of the brand Traxdata under licence from a company based in the cayman island which is also owned by a director of Ritek!! so effectivly Conrexx buy product from Ritek at the same price as other oems and try and sell it for a profit.

E-net was for a period of time a distributer for conrexx they bought products off them and then sold them to all the shops distributersetc. E-net where very clever they used this as an opportunity to further the brands they distribute. (If anyone actually checks e-net don’t own the brand names Datawrite its owned by a holding company based in the uk. www.patent.gov.uk The brand name ridisc is actually owned by a holding company based in Taiwan and the owners of the holding company are also directors of Ritek Taiwan :), very strange But e-net do distribute all these brand)

As you can imagine as soon as e-net became a direct oem customer for Ritek conrexx where not amused e-net had just taken the whole market from them. Infact rumour has it that Richard Wong Owner of Conrexx and Shaf Rasul Owner of e-net where at the stage of a punch up. In fact both of them cast aspersions on each others parentage :slight_smile:

E-net promptly went out and sponsored some forums and and conrexx did the same. The forums that support conrexx products turn a blind eye to e-net products getting slated ( I am not saying this is one of them but…) and the forums that e-net sponser turn a blind eye to Conrexx products getting slated. After all these Forum sponsers are in it for the Sponsership money. What has started happening now is Conrexx / E-net will get their friends and associates to post on other forums.

The fight between e-net and conrexx gets worse and worse e-net have really pulled off some coups on conrexx and conrexx have really pulled off some coups on e-net. But overall I think e-net currently have the upper hand on them.

Take Cebit this year for example. Didn’t anyone think it was strange that e-net and conrexx where next to each other. If you look at a floor plan from 3 months prior to cebit e-net where at the other end of the booth from Conrexx At the show they where next to each other. Conrexx where trying to poach e-net customers and e-net where trying to poach conrexx customers.

Take whats going on in Dubai, e-net opened an office in Dubai conrexx followed suit and both compnies loose serious money competing with each other.

Take the datawrite scribbles product. www.discs.co.uk (this produced by CMC.) E-net where handing out some samples of this product to conrexx customers at cebit and to wind Richard wong up they had samples produced of a graffiti disc they are doing had in Chinese writing “Richard Wong Sucks C**K.”

Now getting onto quality, this is what I know, there is not one blind bit of difference between e-net products and conrexx products when it comes to a grade Ritek products.

Both companies sell downgrade that is no secret but none of them are branded as traxdata, datasafe ridisc or datawrite. Do you honestly think either of them will ruin a mulit million dollar brand by mixing in downgrade on purpose!

This bit is pure conjecture, but it it wouldn’t surprise me if conrexx are producing counterfeit e-net brands and e-net are producing counterfeit conrexx brands. That’s why it pays to buy from an authorised reseller.

So here’s my advise don’t believe what you see in a forum because its either sponsored by e-net or Conrexx.

Take advantage of the price war between the two companies.

I wont bother putting my name to this, as I don’t really fancy destroying my relationship with e-net or conrexx

If anyone has any questions i will try and answer them the best i can but my reply may not be immediate i do have a business to run.


Yea, but I fail to see something. If the owner of the RiDisc name is a Ritek Director, why the hell use a number of dyes (Anything but Ritek!!) on every single ‘Blue’ 8x RiDisc? I can understand maybe a few batches being produced this way due to a fault at Ritek or something but I notice they have now ‘reintroduced’ the discs back into the market with the CMC Ae1 dye! (Ironically at the same time as releasing the RiDisc Xtreme…)

And why do all the Datawrite/RiDisc etc these days have some blurb about “Gain loyalty points by visiting ritepoints.com” on them when there is not even a index page at the site mentioned!

Argh :a

Did you know that an director of ritek is a shareholder in memorex and the ceo of cmc is a shareholder in memorex!! Whoever holds the majotity shares controls the company.
But the majority of the shares are controlled by a Hong Kong venture capital fund. Thats why one month memorex is cmc and another month they are ritek or prodisc.

As for ridisc extreme i dont know but i did see this on another forum. which i believe to be indpendant as they publish all the e-net and conrexx press releases.
This gives the whole background to the Ridisc story.


It’s time to feed the TROLL \o/
(BTW I speak about self interview because there is no name of the personn who made the interview on ridisc website)

My Email


I have question about Ritek products.

Ridisc brand will launch soon a new range of dvd made by ritek. In a “self interview”, a guys from Ridisc/E-net says these disc will be A grade certified. Is this true or is it marketing bullshit ?

You can read the interview here

Also He implies in the interview that “official” brand from Ritek may are not A grade products.

I would like to know the official point of view from Ritek ?


or via cdfreaks forum under nickname Mister-T

The answer

Dear Guillaume,

Thank you for contacting us. I regret that this is of negative publicity of our company, but I’m glad that you contact us to verify it. First of all, I would like to inform you that the majority of this ‘self-interview’ is based on faulse arguments and statements. Because of legal aspects I can’t tell you my personal feelings, unfortunately.

As far as I know, E-Net will receive Ridisc products made by RITEK soon. However, these products can be of equal quality as our premium brands such as Traxdata, but they aren’t of a higher quality as mentioned in the interview. This is nonsense.

Traxdata and Ridata are RITEK’s own premiums brands and are therefore made of the highest quality possible, so called A Grade.

I can’t give you any more indepth information now, on request of our lawyer.

Best regards,

Floris Evers
Marketing Manager

Conrexx Technology BV / RITEK Europe
's Gravenweg 45
2901 LA Capelle aan den IJssel
The Netherlands

That email was sent to many retailers by conrexx

enet sent out a similar one which was actaully a scan of a letter on ritek headed notepaper from ritek it said:

on Behlaf or Ritek Corporation, we hereby make a clear statement.

E-net is one of Riteks direct Customers now, all products we ship to E-net are “A” grade there is no downgrade product. If any party has any questions they can contact Ritek.

Ritek Corporation.

Jerry Chen.

Ps: this letter is to clarfiy the product and is not allowed to use against Conrexx technology BV for any legal reason.

I don’t have the feeling that mail was a “mailing list”
I’m not a sponsored customer which is for or against reseller.

I’m a 20 year old student (and customer) which don’t like to buy goods which are sold as high quality or A grade, But which are defect or down grade media !

Quote from Floris Marketing Manager of Conrexx.

“As far as I know, E-Net will receive Ridisc products made by RITEK soon. However, these products can be of equal quality as our premium brands such as Traxdata.”

Even he is admitting the Ridisc Extreme is at least as good as Traxdata.

Further its strange both companies are talking about legal action and lawyers both enet in the letter they sent to all the dealers and conrexx in the email to Guillaume.

But the good news is Traxdata and Ridisc are off the same quality and this war between the companies looks to go on and the consumer will benefit.

"I’m a 20 year old student (and customer) which don’t like to buy goods which are sold as high quality or A grade, But which are defect or down grade media ! "

I agree with you on this 100% but both are as bad as each other. Conrexx is no night in white armour. There own brands do have problems


Here is a thread to a website which is sponsered by e-net, but i think the content is true because if it where not Conrexx would have sued the website.

I have a copy of that letter which is on Ritek letterhead and is word for word as written by Liberty so I will not bore you with the details again but here are scans of the header and footer

Looks genuine enough to me :iagree:

Notice - he didn’t say they ARE as good as traxdata (A grade), but that they CAN be :stuck_out_tongue:

Notice that the article “forgot” to mention traxdata and ridata as safe A brands :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also had similar looking discs from datawrite. (RitekG04 reprinted with white label, you could actually partially see the previous label through the datawrite label).

Yes - I think both sides are also distributing lower grade media through various sources.

The strange thing is that every time I run into a bad ritek disc that I’m pretty sure comes from a conrexx customer they claim it comes from someone else… :stuck_out_tongue:

And same for e-net, they either claim I’m wrong, or it’s only the discs you got or it’s only from a limited shipment with problems etc.

None of them admits selling the garbage :stuck_out_tongue:

I was gonna post on this thread and say while your on promoting your discs why not throw the odd dvdrecordable link in for good measure and lmfao you did…pure class

You 2 keep up the game but people are wise to it now and wont tolerate crap anymore…produce as many letters as you like i have a few if you want them???

At the end of the day all the end consumer wants is a quality product that does exactly what it says on the tin, why is this so hard?

I don’t know if you are aware but the article you refer to is one I published. The media in question was sourced via several retailers and came from various distributers around Europe and the article infact produced a response from Ritek

We noticed that a "Hot Stories" in your web page hyperlink to an article 
which described a story about Ritek "landscape" or "mountain water" DVD-R
quality.It questioned what's happened to Ritek DVD-R quality? For this, we 
have something to say. 

Actually, Ritek has some qualified distributors to handle all "landscape" 
or "mountain water" low-grade DVD-R sales; they are mainly for copy market 
in Southern East Asia or South America. Bundling with duplicator, by special 
tune-up enhancement to feature low-grade DVD-R a better performance. 
But, according to pictures shown with the article, it indicated an obvious 
poor manufacturing defects. 

We have same feeling that this should be a dumped DVD-R material, should 
be scrapped and would have no possibility to re-ship to market side. If it 
indeed happened, we regret to hear that had brought trouble, upset and 
inconvenience to this user. 

I responded to this email for further nformation as to how the media was being distributed, but unfortunately I did not recieve a reply and I sense it was brushed under the table.

Watermark said:
…produce as many letters as you like i have a few if you want them???

perhaps you should or call Ritek and find out if the letter is genuine. You are one of the people whom i am talking about, Coming onto other forums and praising conrexx over e-net everyone of your posts shows a deep seated hatred of e-net products. How much are you getting paid to do this???

I personally think that people like you regardless of whether they are supporting e-net or conrexx will make this forum into a joke. It will get to the stage where it wont be a resource for getting unbaised opionions but a forum for marketing.

“Datasafe supply high-quality products with the aim of exceeding their clients expectations.”


By my own experience.

E-net goods give me:
Very good results

Conrexx goods give me:
Very good results

posted by Flash@“I don’t know if you are aware but the article you refer to is one I published.”

I was aware you published this, but i also know that www.dvd-recordable is sponsered by e-net. Hence the reason why i mentioned it in my post. However i am inclined to belive the story is truthfull as if it was false conrexx would have taken legal action.

I get paid nothing, i used to use a lot of media therefore i know about media.

I modded a forum owned by shaf rasul, i was paid £30 a month by svp.

I along with others left that forum and started another to let people know about the corrupt media practices that go on.

I quit this new forum last week due to personal reasons.

I will not turn this forum into a joke as i respect the members and staff here as they are not on the payroll of either companys, i know from experience and inside info what goes on…so do not preach to me i know nothing, and am doing it for personal gain.

I promote discs that do what they should do, and try to steer people away from the crap thats out there that should not even leave the factory skips.



Of your background i know nothing, all i do know is what i see on this forum which is that everyone of your posts supports conrexx or slates e-net. This strikes me as someone who is on a mission, or perhaps its their job to slate one product and promote another, i belive the technical term is guerilla marketing.

what probabally happened is you where paid more to be employed by someone else :slight_smile:

It always used to annoy me when a friend used to say this to me but



Anyone wishing to pay me for there support please dont hesitate to contact me…must be quality though i cant lie :slight_smile:

Liberty and Watermark:

Stop bashing each other! Or else I have to “clean” this thread or close it - which would be bad for such an interesting thread.

I know nothing about the background of either of you. As for Watermark - well, maybe you should open your eyes and see that traxdata/conrexx is not the god and e-net is not the devil. It appears that they both pretend to be the better one, but both have a lot of “hush-hush” on their mind…