What's the worst song ever? (research--really!)

I’m running a survey to find the worst song in the world, as part of
an ongoing study of people and music.

If you’ve got a song that you really, really despise, then please tell
me–and the world–about it. The survey is available at:


It just takes a few minutes to describe which song you hate, and
why–and think how much better you’ll feel once you’ve vented.

Remember that the more votes that are submitted, the better the
understanding that can be gained about what makes a song truly
loathsome. Do it for science!

Once you’ve submitted a vote, then you can see other submissions;
be careful, though, it’s hard to get some of these vile songs out of your head.

Sally Jo Cunningham
University of Waikato
Hamilton, New Zealand
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Every RAP record ever made anywhere on the planet…EVER!! Unquestionably
the most ear bleedingly-painful spelling mistake of all time…

i’m too sexy …

for my shirt

You can expand that to Hip-Hop, but don’t include the Hip-Hop Honeys. I love them.