What's the weather like at your place

Were going thought some really cold weather right now so I throught showing a picture of your yard or drive way to show the weather there would be like cool and the people in warmer climate can rub it in maybe.

I can start you can’t go by the date on the pictures I didn’t reset it after changing batteries.temp was 20 degree F-And the wife shovel the deck off for the cats (tell me their not spoiled)

Well, I forgot to drain the water out of my motorhome and have it baking inside presently hoping the pipes will melt enough for me to put in the potable anti-free, so I guess it is pretty cold here in Connecticut. Not much snow though.

Well 4 about 2 weels we were informed that Christmas was going to be the Hottest Day this Year ( [B]Blistering Heat[/B] )
I dont know how Anyone can get Blisters with 100% Rain ( pouring )

[B]I love Rain AND COLD ;-)[/B]