What's the title?!

I’ve got a piece from a song that I like, but I don’t know its title. Any help would be helpful.
It sounds like some Enigma to me, but I’m not into their music much, so I can’t tell.

It’s taken from FM radio, there’s some noise at the beginning, don’t pay attention to it.

Here’s the link : http://www.republika.com.pl/xav_site/blahing.mp3

Thank you in advance

I know that song from somewhere, I’ll try to figure out what it is.

Sixth such answer today :slight_smile:

Yeah, well I figured it out!

Miami Vice - Crockett’s Theme

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
My family & girlfriend will be happy to get this :slight_smile:

Actually the artist’s name is Jan Hammer. But the title is indeed Crockett’s Theme :wink:
Look here for more info: http://www.janhammer.com/

Indeed it is Jan Hammer. I didn’t mean the artist was Miami Vice. I simply meant it was Crockett’s Theme from Miami Vice. LOL! :iagree:

I’ve also heard that there is a special service for such problems that works with your GSM cell phone. Dial a certain number and hold your phone in front of the speaker for about a half min., afterwards you’ll receive the song title and artist by SMS. Of course you have to pay a small fee. Can’t find the number unfortunately, since I’ve only see the announcement on TV.

It’s Phillips technology, that I know…
http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn1619 (old announcement)

hmmm, maybe found something: http://www.411song.com/

That’s pretty impressive, sort out many an argument down the pub.

Pretty neat service from what I have heard, It has a hard time with electronic/underground/obscure tracks though as alot of them just aren’t in their database, but other than that I hear it works fairly well. :iagree:

AT&T used to have it. Haven’t tried it again since my contract and market was bought up by Alltel Wireless. Cingular wasn’t allowed to have all of AT&T’s marketshare, hence Alltel.

Ther service worked ok, it got popular songs off the radio, but sucked for stuff I like to listen to.

found also a dutch site for this purpose:


Check it out!

I have been using this service since Microsoft picked up on it years ago:

Its called SHAZAM
It works better if you register your mobile number first, as then you can log onto the website and actually see what remix they are playing, if there is one.

If you dont want to register you just play loud music and dial 2580 on your phone and stick it near the speaker. It has never failed on a song yet, just told me the music wasn’t loud enough.

NOTE: I am talking from the UK this service