What's the temperature where you are?



-4c and lots of snow here.
Been doing some early spring cleaning as I can’t get into work, and in any case, all the schools are closed until Monday.


1C outside most of the day here, currently 1.2C.

For such a small country, it’s incredible how much the snowfall varies across the country. We had nothing more than a few very brief flurries, not even a visible hint of snowfall on the mountains. Much of the east of Ireland had impassible roads due to the snow depth.

Although the roads have been totally clear of any ice in our area over the past few days, we had the knock-on effect of centralised decisions. Unlike the UK Met Office where the red weather alerts were localised, Ireland had a red weather alert covering the entire country. As a result, all banks, post offices, schools and many larger businesses were closed on Thursday and Friday.


-2C right now Winter just will not let go Only going up to 3C today


Finally getting our Spring weather


It looks like summer is here.


3 rd day in a row of Temps over 90 º F / 33° C


The Heat wave is coming back


Parts of Ireland have experiened record breaking temperatures over the past few days.

This is outside my workplace in the shade:

I don’t recall ever seeing it hit 30°C outside in the shade around here. The 44% is the relative humidity reading.

Without air conditioning at work, home or in the car, it’s the first time in probably 10 years that we’re complaining about the heat. It’s also the first time we’ve had road gritters out during the summer, this time to grit the meling tar on the roads. While driving, it smells like the roads were just tarred in some areas.


30C its a very good temp for the summer, most of the time we are close to 35-36-C in the shade, but for you up there this is a problem, especially if you dont have an A/C.
Also this year the weather was very strange, back home we had rain for days, something that it extremely unusual for this time of the year.

Now moving on to the place that i am currently, and I have to say that the weather is very good.


With all the ads on evaporative air coolers, I decided to try an experiment on creating a makeshift one from a collection of old noisy PC case fans and aquarium sponges. Basically, I attached six in a row with string to the sponges, connected all the red wires, then all the black wires and used a spare 12V power supply to spin them up. I soaked the sponges and placed the contraption directly in front of an open window such that the breeze blowing in goes through it into the room.

Initially it looked promising as my infrared thermometer showed a reading of 20C on the sponges. However, after a half an hour, it only dropped the room temperature from 28.2C to 27.7C and raised the room’s humidity from 45% to 50%. At that stage, I heard a crash and sure enough the thing fell down. Whoops… :flushed:

Anyway, the experiment did confirm my concern that evaporative air coolers are practically useless in the Irish weather and most of the reviews on them (e.g. Amazon) mention they were barely more effective than a desk fan. Based on my observation, it seemed for each 0.5C drop in temperature, it raised the humidity by 5%, so to bring the temperature to let’s say 25.7C would likely raise the humidity to 70%. I would much rather the 25% lower humidity than a 2.5C temperature decrease.

Dublin now has a hose pipe ban until the end of July with a possible extension to the end of August. Most of rest of Ireland is advised to ration water usage and there’s even a hotline set up to report neighbours for wasting water.

Currently 28C outside (and inside), blue sky and sunshine. :sunny:


here is the good old North East US it is 100 F today and tomorrow. that is about 38 C. not typical here despite what our news outlets may report. here 26-27 C is quite pleasant and we turn off air conditioning and retreat outdoors.


We got us a cold front


OK, the weather is not perfect but its acceptable.


A little bit warmer today :slightly_smiling_face: