What's the temperature where you are?




Then thats an improvement :wink: I like it, i take back my previous statement.



0°C and quite icy here this evening. Some areas are white like a Christmas card, although so far no snow has settled in my area

The freeze/thaw cycle over the past week has led to rather nasty road conditions. Last Friday on my way to work, the road was covered in black ice even though there was barely any frost to be seen. A car coming the opposite direction spun out of control and I managed to pull far enough into the hard shoulder to avoid a strike.


@sean Been that way around here for a week now Takes me an hour longer each day to get back and force to work.Had several cars and trucks in ditches on several mornings over the last week.Snow , Ice and bitter cold .

Today not so bad 15° F / -9° C Tonight getting real cold again down to -18° C


Didn’t get as cold as they thought only -13° C
Got a foot of snow headed our way tonight


So far everything looks good.


Galaxy Note 3 temperature sensor: 14°C.
Barometer 1019.7 hPa.


We have a Roller Coaster week coming :slight_smile: Replaced with Celsius Temps


it looks like we are going to have some of rain.


Today we are going from 16 ° C down to -4 ° C
It is 16 ° C Now


thats is a huge drop in temp.


Currently 0C outside with frost on the cars. A much more pleasant 22C inside. :slight_smile:

Ireland is forecast a Siberian airflow over the coming days, so looks like more frosty weather ahead.


4C outside this night (12:48am) and it looks like it’ll be the warmest I’ll see it for the coming weeks.

The long range forecasts don’t look pretty, particularly this one for 1st of March… :snowman:

Chilly Ireland UK ahead


Starting to look and feel better around here, More normal Temps 4° C now at 7:20 am


There’s no temperature left outside now, it ran out… :slight_smile:
Zero outside temperature


Not to bad here now , at 4 ° C heading up to 16 ° C


A quick weather update…


Getting chillier here, although no sign of snowfall yet. Just the odd brief flurry of random flakes.

It was very deceptive outside today. From inside it looked like a beautiful sunny day for most of the day. Step outside and there was a sharp cold wind and a temperature reading of -1C.

Still rather windy outside and down to -4C at the moment:

Chilly 28th Feb 2018

Going by the radar maps, it showed a steady stream of snowfall heading in from the east and disappearing just before it reached us. As a result, the east side of Ireland had severe icy conditions with snowfall, while the north west got nothing more than a few brief flurries.


Wet and rainy here today a little bit of a chill now at 3° C