What's the temperature where you are?



We are looking good, according to weather app that M$ offers :wink:


Don’t rub it in vroom… It is -7°C/19°F and it was snowing like hell today :Z


One of the benefits when you live in the south, warm weather.


Of course you should rub it in vroom, man I envy you… :flower:

We can take it aztekk, we’ll get back at him in July/August :sweat_smile:
Not too hot here either, just a tad better than you currently.


Cloudy but the temps are OK.


Room temp is

and i dont want to guess what the temp when you are out in the sun :fearful:


Well room temp is 35C :frowning:
I am not happy.


A comfortable day 72 ° F / 22° C


A Balmy -12° F / -24° C
Today’s High will be a Balmy 8° F


So far the weather had been great, it feels like spring.


Today is a little better than yesterday

21 °F -6 ° C

Tonight’s High will be 6 ° F -14° C


This is the prediction for the next couple of days.

I have to say that it looks OK.


Another Cold one today then we warm up a little


Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 temperature sensor indicates 18°C.

[added by edit]

  • Heat index:
  • Condensation spot:
  • Hunidity:
  • hPa: 1027 mbar.


A balmy Minus - 4 ° F / - 20° C
High for today will be 19° F / - 7° C


@bean55 wow -20C that is to cold for me.

So far the weather is excellent. It also looks OK fro the next seven days.



We have a Polar Vortex coming thru for the next 10 days


And Today :slight_smile:


If i read this correctly, it should be something like -26C ??? Now I am scared, and 100% sure that I want be moving there anytime soon.
In other news, and according to the weather app that MS had on win10, I can say that so far everything looks good.


Actually that is already in Celsius so only -16 ° C