What's the temperature where you are?



[QUOTE=bean55;2785383]21 ° F / -6 ° C :iagree:

Tonight -3 ° F / -19 ° C :frowning:

Just a bit Chilly :D[/QUOTE]
Lucky… Partly that is :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see, we’re particularly lucky at the moment, this really ought to read -10 to -15 (though I would never give my voice to the falsified debate of fraud, the environment and questions in fields of a carbon-based earth and its life-forms - If we’re optimistic, our submission would be ≈1% - Still, it is bound to the solar circuit and it was much warmer here about a millennia ago, at least in the northern hemisphere. Heck, Greenland got its name because it was such a prosperous view back then, it is no more and I can’t help but thinking they want their prosperous years back) :stuck_out_tongue:



We are still looking good :wink:



-1C in the morning, so thats why its cold when I go out for a walk :frowning:


Now -3 ° F / -10 ° C

High today 14 ° F / -12 ° C


Well, we got a white Christmas.


nice and warm for the end of the year :cool:


What’s the temperature where you are?

Cold. Too cold. :frowning:

About 0°C at the moment, which isn’t that cold. Usually I rather enjoy the winter. But this winter feels really cold in this house, even in the daytime when its been 7-10°C.

So maybe it’s just me. :frowning:


Here it’s 7C outside going by my outdoor thermometer.

I installed the AccuWeather app yesterday and for what’s claimed to be an accurate forecast, its current temperature reading is completely all over the place. For example, at 1pm, it said it was 9C here and 3C in a town just two miles away. My outdoor thermometer at the time showed 6C. About 10 minutes later, it then showed both towns as being 4C and my thermometer showed 7C. Each time I checked the app, it seemed to be bouncing up and down anywhere between 3C and 9C, while by outdoor thermometer showed 6-7C for most of the day.

I think I’ll stick to my trusty outdoor thermometer for the current outdoor reading. :slight_smile:


I find this one rather useful: Weather 14 Days.

Its UK data is pretty good, but not usually as accurate as the BBC. However, its data for Spain is very good - superb for planning a day out birdwatching at Cabo de Gata, it [I]can[/I] predict when the wind will arrive to within 10-15 minutes. (Wind is a bit of an issue there.)

Tucked away it also has unadulterated satellite and radar images, which can be very useful for forming ones own conclusion.


Thanks for that suggestion - I’ll give that one a try. :cool:

The BBC forecast is indeed surprisingly more accurate than the Irish RTÉ forecasts for our region. For example, if the Irish forecast gives an orange wind warning, we can usually take that it’ll be quite windy or wet. But if the BBC / UK Met Office gives an orange wind warning covering our area, then we can be pretty sure that we’re in for a nasty storm. I haven’t seen the BBC give a red wind warning for our area before, unlike the RTÉ forecast many times.

I’ll also give the Met Office app another try. I previously removed it as it did not cover my area, but now from a quick test install, it is showing my area. Just need to pay to remove the ads. The mobile ads served here in Ireland are rather evil, e.g. if the ad advertises a premium rate horoscope SMS service, touching the ad (without any additional steps) will sign the user up.


This is NYE 2016 - hottest day since 20 years!
… and this is shadow temperature at 1pm



When you see this, you know that its cold outside.


There is strange white thing called snow almost covering the roads and the cars, so I very close to believe that the world is coming to an end :bigsmile:
Also temps are low.



Prediction for today :cool:



Temps are looking good.