What's the temperature where you are?



33 degrees F, kind of chilly :o


Phoenix, AZ 8:30 PM… 74 degrees. What is fall and winter? :wink:


[QUOTE=Xercus;2783299]Why, you bragging rascal you :stuck_out_tongue: - anyone with 25+ just to ‘rub-it-in’? ;)[/QUOTE]

Hey its November, so anything close to 20C is more than OK :bigsmile: I would ask you to move here and enjoy the weather (thats one of the few things that someone can enjoy), but you probably know how bad the economy is :rolleyes:

I would be bragging if it was -20 :bigsmile:, and probably that would have been a life changing experience.


Going to 24 apparently.


double posted please delete


Its evening and -1 no wind at all castleford west yorkshire england


Well, then I noticed a surprise :bigsmile:

It looked set to be going from bad to worse, but…

+1°C/34°F may not be much, but it is a heck of a lot better than -8°C/18°F. I would not mind if it go up the red scale from that of course :bigsmile:


We are looking good for the next couple of days, at least according to the weather that Microsoft kindly provides :wink:


Weather continues to be very kind here.



And today we had some very light snow, and an average temperature of 7-9C, guess that we need to see a little snow :slight_smile:



Temps are looking great :bigsmile:


28 degrees at 11am


Unseasonably mild.
16c this afternoon, although overcast.
12c now, and dark.


Its been raining here for a week, and its just starting to get cold. This weekend we are supposed to get a bit of snow. I been sleeping in attic because they fixing my house from the floods, I bought a space heater t0 put next to my bed.:wink:



Here is summer - 31C (Celsius) shadow temperature



Its a little cold here but its OK.


21 ° F / -6 ° C :iagree:

Tonight -3 ° F / -19 ° C :frowning:

Just a bit Chilly :smiley: