What's the temperature where you are?



@xercus 20C ??? our spring is hotter than the Norwegian summer.

50C is close to temps that you get in Hell. Here we have a few days that temperature rises to +40C and its always AC ON and FANS ON.

34C rooms temp, I am sure that if you are outside, then its closer to 40C :frowning:


Too damn hot! 112F today in Phoenix, AZ. Yesterday it was 119F :rolleyes:
Help, I’m melting!


93F and 75% humidity on The Paradise Island.:bow::bow::bow::bow:


14°C 66% RH outside, light cloud cover, dry and breezy.

22°C 56% RH inside - We don’t have AC in the house, just two dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity.

yr.no forecast:



Okay, this is mine - winter here!


OK we should have a max temp of 33C not bad.


This is what we have today folks.


So far the last two days were very good, 30C is simply great for this time of the month.


It’s been quite chilly here the past few days.

Currently outside is 11.5°C, 86RH, very light breeze, overcast and 4.7mm rain so far today.

Intermittent rain throughout the day, typical Irish weather.


It’s a beautiful Canada Day, not too hot, just perfect.


^ Nice temperature and humidity. :cool:

11.5°C 70% RH, 7km/h average wind speed, dry and getting dark here at the moment (10:17pm).


I can live with this, it’s great.


Chance of rain? :disagree:
Change of sun? :iagree:


A very pleasant 25c and sunny.


[QUOTE=Dee;2778040]A very pleasant 25c and sunny.[/QUOTE]

Same here Dee!

I’m not quite sure what’s gone wrong but I’m more than happy to accept an unexpected heat wave. :bigsmile:



+35C inside, +45C outside. Conditioners don’t work because of a very low voltage (180V instead of 230V). I’m feeling like I’m melting… And having a headache since saturday because of a high temperature and humidity… :doh:


33C outside and room temp is 29C, I am more than happy with this temps :slight_smile:


Partly cloudy, 21°C/69.8°F outside and 20°C/68°F inside :slight_smile:


18.8°C (65.8°F), 93% RH outside, calm, indeed very humid and plenty of thunder.

Peak temperature I saw earlier was 29°C, also the warmest day of the year here in Ireland. Peak temperature recorded in Ireland going by the weather forecast was 30°C.

Currently rather flickery outside - Anyone got a replacement lamp?, … and an extra long ladder? :slight_smile: