What's the temperature where you are?



[QUOTE=vroom;2766816]OK its official, 18th of January was the day that I saw some little snow.
The temperature? 0C at 10AM that i got out for my walk, I liked it.
It also looks like snow want be spending much time with us, but I cant complain, at least I saw some snow :).[/QUOTE]

Snow? at your place? how often does that happen?


From time to time we have that pleasure (if we are lucky for a few days per year, worst case in few days in two years), most of the times we need to travel outside of the Thessaloniki to see snow.
Its nice to be away from the city, you get to go out much closer to nature, plus you are not surrounded by pavement and ugly looking buildings.


This thread is really interesting… I am learning loads!
First I get to hear about snow in west Texas from Kerry56, then you come along and report snow. I just somehow never thought it would snow at all in any of these places unless you traveled several thousand meters above sea level.
Very interesting though, very interesting indeed. Goes to show, the day I stop learning I am dead and I find that a great inspiration for waking up in the morning - YES I am going to learn something today as well :slight_smile:

Then at last I must say I find part of your line amusing from a Norwegian point of view: “If we are lucky…” - you can have a live webcam from 2.8km away to see how lucky we are :bigsmile: However, with currently -20°C I am not sure how lucky we really are :confused: of course, when it only happens once in a blue moon… :smiley:


No forecast this time. I would however like to draw your attention to a series of pictures taken in Oslo in the morning hours today.
What you will be watching by going to the website (probably copyrighted and so I can not snap and publish) is an optical illusion called light pillars.

Such light pillars may occur when it’s cold weather, colder than minus 10, and fairly low water vapor content in the air. It should not be confused with Northern Lights.
It is an optical phenomenon in which light from the light sources on the ground are refracted and reflected in small ice slab.
To form the stripes of light, the vast majority of ice slab floating around in the air are in the same orientation, often lying.
Then the refraction and reflection of light from a light source seen by the eye of the viewer is collected in a fairly concentrated beam.

Happy viewing the ten pictures, this is, I guess, a fairly unknown natural phenomena to many of you…

For an in-depth explanation:


It’s quite chilly, windy and wet here today, 2C to 4C on my way in this morning.

I love the Irish weather map when they’re not quite sure what the weather will be…

Indeed it has been wet, windy, sunny, over cast, hail showers and a little sleet mixed in. Just need a bang of thunder to top it off. :wink:


44F Red Bank, NJ.


Well, what do you know, forgot all about the weather-thread. It’s probably just more interesting when it goes extreme :wink:

^I’d say same shit all over. Here it is just as expected, a roller coaster of nothing to write home about apart from today that is which is rather warm:


Apparently we are supposed to drift over the 20C mark this weekend.


I dont need to say anything (you can see all you need on the picture below), 7th of April and we are having temps up to 27C, promises to be a hot summer :frowning:


Currently about 16°C. But last week I was in Miami at at 30°C.


It sure is lucky that an April 20+ is a whole lot different than a July 20+. The AC bill would go through the roof for the year.




Ok lario48, you made you’re point. We’re all jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mostly cloudy but the temp is 18C, excellent weather for a walk.


Overcast and chilly here.
7c but feels much colder with the wind chill.


Almost the same as Dee, but 9°C/48°F It feels much warmer when the sun breaks through :flower:


I had planned to do a post in the Freebies Galore thread today, but that’ll have to wait, just look at it (I will have to inform you of course that we are at approximately the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska).



With this weather I can move to Norway, at least for the summer :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:
Also the weather here looks OK


This is the current room temperature in Celsius, yes summer in Greece :a


^ Only to rub it in of course - It’s summer in Norway and besides the outdoor temperature, the room temperature is a calming 20°C (no AC necessary) :bigsmile:

34°C is not fun if you actually have to work :flower:

Btw: did you hear that Kerry had almost 50°C over in Texas a few days ago, now that is :eek: