What's the temperature where you are?



[QUOTE=Xercus;2766362]Winter weather at the moment, Moderate breeze, 7m/s from northeast and -12°C/10.4°F.:eek:

On the bright side, the beer gets cold pretty fast :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

No winter weather here, mostly it fells like autumn with daily temps in thew range of 10-13C.

I like the bright side:bigsmile:


[B]Xercus[/B], what’s the temperature in Oslo today? :slight_smile:

[B]vroom[/B], thanks for sharing some sun with us - we have +12C today and the really bright SUN. :eek: The temperature raised from -12C to +12C in [B]two[/B] days - I can’t remember such weather behavior in this place at all!


[QUOTE=blackened2687;2766369][B]Xercus[/B], what’s the temperature in Oslo today? :slight_smile:

up to -7°C/19.4°F. and I’m preparing towel and shorts to go to the beach :bigsmile:

(It is usually colder in this suburb than it is in town as there is a ridge separating us, Like now, it is -4°C in Oslo centrum 25Km away. Lillestrøm, is usually a more comparable town.)

and your experience is only too typical, a rise in temperature like 24°C within a day or two is not uncommon… A couple of years ago it went from -29 - +10 in 48 hours.


[QUOTE=Hannez;2766327]Currently -17 C, feels like -25 C. Drops to around -30 C at nights. Life goes on as usual.[/QUOTE]

I can go with that, if not, we have to put the world on hold until summer. :bigsmile:
I still think it gets a tad away from cozy when it drops below -15°C/5°F and we have to start wearing one to two extra layers to protect from nature when outside for more than a few minutes - and we go like; who would have thought, there’s actually a human being inside that pile of clothes :smiley:
No sweat though ;), only two more months and winter is behind us this round too.

Soon enough, spring brings life back to each and every current black & white country. A time when nature ignites and blooms in all glorious colors possible, you only ever need a few cold colorless winters to find that the most beautiful sight you ever saw.
It is a strong messenger for what is to come… Summer, lazy days in the sun which, contrary to where vroom lives, is just enjoyable and invites to activity, friends, love, you name it.
Then comes autumn and colors change from full spectrum to become dominated by green, red, orange leaves before they fall to the ground and nature prepares it self yet again for winter.
Indeed a full circle of life every year, and life goes on… I only wish winter didn’t take almost half the circle. :flower:


Right now 1° F / -17 ° C
We are suppose to get to 25 °F / -4° C


Sound like you guys are getting it a lot worse than we are here.

It’s about 6°C here today which is about 43°F.



Oh no! -19°C/-2.2°F - Anyone in for a ice-cold beer outside (no cooling bag required).

Right now it is -10°C in Oslo centrum 25km away and goes to show the huge local differences in temperature we have.



I’m in for a nice cold beer, but you are too far away :(, on the other hand here everything is hot, 13C but over the next couple of days it should get back to normal, 2-8C.


Mixture of hail, sleet & snow here. Just a light dusting on the ground at the moment.

Outdoor read-outs:

My last weather station got completely weather beaten!


It is actually quite normal temperatures for January as a whole.

I still think it is cold, but I should keep my mouth shut… Kautokeino in the north of Norway had -45°C/-49°F a week or so ago. :eek:


Rather chilly.


Just checked the temp for later today, presently 0249 local and it shall be a mild 31°C working up to 37°C on Wednesday. Was a tad worse last week where it got the 42°C and dropped to 14°C in about 2.5 hours. :eek:


Anyone blaming me if I say I am a little pro on the subject of global warming at the moment?

They say we may hit -30°C/-22°F at the end of next week :eek:

Welcome to ‘Helheim’, the hell equivalent in Norse mythology. This dark and cold misty abode of the dead is located on the lowest level of the Norse universe. No one can ever leave this place, the impassable river Gjoll that flows from the spring Hvergelmir encircles Helheim. Once entering Helheim, not even the gods can leave. Those who die from old age/disease or iow everyone not killed in battle, go to Helheim while those who die bravely on the battlefield go to Valhalla.
In other words, if you say to a Viking that hell is about to freeze over, he will reply it has always been…

I think I will have to find myself a battleground and have the valkyries fly me home to Valhalla!


^are you sure that’s the forecast for Oslo and not for Niflheim?

Last night it was -10°C here and tight now it’s -8°C.


Are you feeling a little cold Xercus? You did have a green Christmas after all.
It snowed a bit here last night, only a couple of centimetres, so not so bad.
Vikings are tough, I’m sure you will end up in Valhalla. :smiley:


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2766787]^are you sure that’s the forecast for Oslo and not for Niflheim?

Last night it was -10°C here and tight now it’s -8°C.[/QUOTE]

LOL :bigsmile: That forecast is for the suburb Skjetten which is closer to Lillestrøm (translates to Little Stream) than Oslo. However None knows where that is and since it is a suburb 25 km from Oslo central… Oslo was chosen. Do keep in mind that the temperatures may vary much from Oslo since there is a ridge separating us from the sea water that ultimately heats Oslo giving us a more inland climate.

You can look it up here


[QUOTE=voxsmart;2766788]Are you feeling a little cold Xercus? You did have a green Christmas after all.
It snowed a bit here last night, only a couple of centimetres, so not so bad.
Vikings are tough, I’m sure you will end up in Valhalla. :D[/QUOTE]

Freezing my a** off at the moment, no doubt about it.
I am an atheist though, but if I had too choose between heaven and Valhalla, I would choose the latter. Valhalla, this ceremonial hall for Viking feasts is enormous, 640 doors which each one is wide enough to have 960 einherjer (Vikings died in battle) pass through shoulder by shoulder to feast all night long and the next morning return to the battlefield and die again only to return through the gates to feast in Valhalla with the rest.
Far better than writing bibles up there if you ask me :smiley:


The snow has all gone here this morning and it’s around 3C I hear on the forecast it’s going to be cold tonight. down to a whole minus 2C by 05:00 tomorrow.
To me, Valhalla sounds as if it could get boring. I think the doors would need to be wide after all that feasting.
Don’t let your Ass freeze off, you might need it to sit down! :slight_smile: It will soon be summer Xercus, think about that. :flower:
According to most religions, being an atheist like us is a one way ticket to hell, hot or cold. See you there Xercus.


This morning a blistering -3° F / -19° C

High for today will be 9° F / -13° C


OK its official, 18th of January was the day that I saw some little snow.
The temperature? 0C at 10AM that i got out for my walk, I liked it.
It also looks like snow want be spending much time with us, but I cant complain, at least I saw some snow :).