What's the temperature where you are?



78 Deg F

But its getting warmer as we enter closer to summer


That’s definitely tempting, but I’d scare the neighbours :bigsmile:


@dee…If it rains here i’m going out with nothing on… :clap: :bow:
lets hope its not a thunder storm with hail then… :doh: and then get back in b4 the :cop: arrive lol…we had weeks of rain now the suns here wed wish it would rain to :cool: off :confused:


Ok here in the US winter is still fighting summer, along with that comes very strong storms and wind. Remember a couple of mondays ago when I ready to kill myself it was 36.6C outside, a bunch warmer inside. Thats when I went out and bought a “One hung low brand” Ac unit for this room. It’s so small I can take it out of the window in a minute as I smoke and like some fresh air along with my up coming cancer. I love my 22 inch window fan that runs every hour of every day of the year. Yesterday I went to the market it was 8.3C, today rightnow it;s 14C. The hottest temp ever recorded in this room was ~49.2 C. The system shut down like a rock. You say it’s 26C now… You wimp that 78.8F… What are you going to do when summer really gets there? Ill say something about New York the warmer it gets the more humid it gets, Makes life a mess. The entire house here has Ac except this room which I blocked the vents because of the smoke. This to has changed now. Im getting to old for this abuse. It can go to 50C and I only have to start the car to get by that. And ill assume where ever im going will have AC as well or I won’t be going there any time soon. Great topic. Many live in much hotter places then ours except they sort of adapt to it. Reason I was not ready for that monday. Thank you dear :flower: Ken


Me too.

@jacen9, hubby is a :cop: :cool:
He’s on duty now, but he’s the type of cop everyone loves to hate. I’ll let you guess. But he’s not likely to come around here tonight.


Spoekn like a true NY’er :stuck_out_tongue:


25°C in the room
30°C outside in the sun
Thank God for cold beer :bigsmile:
and World Cup…


can I watch like major woody :bigsmile:


Wow, bk’s post shows as the latest on the main forum page, not Scheirmes’s :eek:

bk, you’re a little pre-vert :bigsmile:


he ripped me! :a :a


For the past two weeks or so, our temperatures have been hovering just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A few days ago, I think it was supposed to be 107.

We keep the house about 78-79, so its not so bad inside.


I didn’t do anything!!! fix your database :bigsmile:

For my next trick im going to keep a 100 yahoo servers in an endless loop :bigsmile:

And im a big pre-vert


oh hey get your conversion program here. it’s free. If you have any trouble ill post up my copy on one of my web sites and send the address. Josh is a good man



Downloaded, thankyou very much. :flower:

I’ll need it, with all the fahrenheit (sp?) talk around here :bigsmile:


His program can convert anything. You can even add your own conversions. Like i said Josh is good person


celceus into Fahrenheit…

32 degrees Fahrenheit is 0 in celceus… so take that away from your total… then (as each degree in celceus is 2 degrees in Fahrenheit), divide the remainder by two…


Cigar you ever pass math class? two very simple forumals :bigsmile:

Nice spelling ken, but i don’t want to change it Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Time to give yahell a headach AGAIN


Gah, it’s about 27 here, and hotter in this room (windows have been shut all day). This weather is nice but I’m finding it too much of an effort to even get up and do something, let alone revise for my exams this week!


yes, yes… i know i spelt it wrong… and the sum is just to give you a rough guide…

forumals? haha


Yeah, my room’s just gone up to 26.5 :(…told ya, it’s fine til you want to actually move!