What's the temperature where you are?



Continuing a discussion (which was OT) from another thread, so as to keep things neat.

This is for you, bk :bigsmile:

I wonder which of us CDFreaks is boiling the most? It’s 26C here, according to my room thermostat.
Quite hot for the UK, looks like the summer has finally hit us.


that’s not even 80 degrees fahrenheit! that’s hot but not THAT bad!
right now it’s only about 19C (65 F) but that’s because it’s been rainy lately. we easily get upwards of 90F (32/33C) in july/august.

my personal preference is between 40 and 55 F (4C to 13C)

i’m having too much fun with the google convserion calculator :slight_smile:


Bwahahahhaha, I have a temp conversion thingy in my favourites :bigsmile:

Nah, it’s not that hot right now, but it was earlier. Heat is fine, it’s when you start wanting to do stuff (like move) that it becomes a pain :bigsmile:

And yeah, you wait a month…we’ll be at 90F with you :sad:


The temperature inside here is 27C in my hallway with the front door open.

I don’t have an outside thermometer, but according to the news this is officially the first summers day in Denmark this year according to meteorological standards (at least 25.0C).


Temperature is fine as long as it’s dry; it’s the relative humidity that gets you feeling awful…


91F or 92F depending on which is correct, the Weather Channel or my outside thermometer.


Hehe, Drage’s place is just a tad hotter then mine, then.

I’m not good with hot weather…I swear I’d be better off somewhere colder :smiley:


Here today it’s about 19C (65F), Storm cells moving through with some rain. The normal temp for June is 25C (77F) to 30C (86F). The months of July and Aug can see temps from 30C (77F) to 40C (104F). Sept 25C (77F) to 30C (86F).

:cool: :cool:


Maybe you could get a government job exploring the Artic Circle :smiley: .


At the moment, that sounds like bliss :iagree:… I hate to think how crabby I’m gonna be when the REALLY hot weather sets in :eek:

@platinumsword - send some of that rain over here…please!!! :bigsmile:


cool and cozy in california even summer is already here


28c here, 34c in this room, which means short stays at the PC. I think i need to save up for a A/C.



I will try huffing and puffing. Good day to sit back and watch world cup football (soccer) in HD. Right now it’s Iran 1 and Mexico 1.



Your High Definition TV isn’t as good as my Standard Definition - the score is now Mexico 2 - Iran 1. :bigsmile:


My mistake, it’s Mexico 3 - Iran 1.
It’s hard to keep up…



Nope, 3 to 1. What are you sitting in the stands, labtop in hand on wi-fi.


I have 2 extras not in use. I’m set for awhile if one goes out. I’d sell you one, but shipping across the Atlantic isn’t cheap :disagree: .


My God, you two sound British (Drage and Platinumsword)…start talking about warm weather, and the talk turns to football…ROTFL :bigsmile:

I had to start a weather thread…you know us Brits, obsessed with the weather (apparently) :smiley:


Thanks for the offer, but this is Scotland which is why i grudge buying A/C, this hot weather will not last here. :slight_smile:

In fact, the forecast for tomorrow is rain with a max temp of 19c. :doh:


Great, you come down to Bristol, I’ll go up to Scotland. That rain sounds nice :smiley:

If it rains down here, I’m gonna run around in it, wearing no coat :bigsmile:


If it rains here i’m going out with nothing on :bigsmile: