What's The Strangest Place You Looked For Something Lost?

My neighbor lost $300 somewhere in his house. It’s driving him nuts. He remembers folding it in half and tucking it somewhere

We got to talking about loosing things and the absurd places we look for things we’ve lost… and, yes, he did look in the freezer (glad I’m not the only one who’s looked there for something).

What’s the craziest place you’ve looked for something? I’m embarassed to say, I’ve looked in the toilet tank before (that’s what desperation does to ya’).


The freezer is the strangest place that i have looked for missed things.

hid some cash a few years back looked everywhere for it found it weeks later rolled up inside a pair of socks was £300 looked everywhere cept the freezer lol

My neighbor found his “lost” money. Turns out he had already applied it to his rent but forgot doing so. :rolleyes:


I lost my college class ring for years and years. When we were moving to a new home someone on the moving crew handed it to me and said he found it laying in the front yard of the old house. It must have fell out of a piece of furniture and by sheer luck he noticed it lying in the grass. Luckily for me he was an honest guy and gave it to me.