Whats the speed of dvd writer

wanting to buy some cd-r or cd+r dvd discs for my liteon,how do i find out the writing speed of the machine LVW5006. looking at dvd discs for sale i notice there are different speeds for the disc,will any disc that is recomended for that machine record at a set speed or do you have to find the right disc for the machines speed. :confused:

I don’t have a DVD recorder but surely they would only record at 1x so I doubt that it matters what speed you buy. Just get quality brands.

The DVD drive in the Liteon systems should be able to handle good quality 4x or 8x rated media. This meadia is also slightly cheaper than 16x media.

I would suggest either real TY or Verbatim media. am yet to test my 5055GDL+ with some 16x media.

I think the drive inside the unit is limited to 2.4x or 4x burning though as a copy from HDD to DVD is not exatly quick BUT it is alot quicker than direct recording.