Whats the reason for saving compilations?

I have been a Nero user fan for many years but until now have never bothered to find out why Nero prompts the user with the question “Do you wish to save your compilation” at the end of the burn session. If I choose Save, it asks for a file name in a *.nri or *.nru format. What is this used for?

I’m using Nero v6.6 BTW.

Saving the compilation will save a file containing all information on the disc you just burned, i.e. which files are you burning on the disc, the path of files on your HDD, etc.

If you burns many times the same files, it can be useful to have these compilation files saved on HDD, so you simply open these instead of manually select again all files to create again the compilation.

or if you’re compiling things from a group for say a presentation or something and you’ve received some but not all of the data you can start the compilation and save it then just add files into it as you receive them until you have everything you need for the complete burn.