What's the proper way to uninstall the VIA IDE driver?

I’m using XP (SP1) on my old comp. The VIA ide driver was installed by WinXP automatically. When i put a dvd into the Sony dvd-rom, the green light will stay on and the drive will hang. It won’t read the disc nor eject it!!

I figure it might be the VIA driver. But no matter what i do i cannot uninstall it. It will back up again after i restart!! I even rename the driver viaide.sys in both system32\drivers & in the i386 folder, but it keep coming back :a

as topic, thx …

Your thread is 7 hours old but…if you still have a problem with this, run a full dxdiag. test, save the report and post here for a looksee…

Look in “Add-Remove Programs” for something relating to VIA drivers.

  1. Click “Update” versus uninstall drivers in device manager.
  2. Click on “Install from list” option
  3. Click on “Don’t Search”
  4. Hopefully there will be a “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE” option. Select it if is available. If it is not you may have to reload XP.
  5. It should prompt it needs a reboot.

If Windows believes the IDE driver is required, it will simply back it up
then reinstall on boot up…no matter WHERE you uninstall from. You need
to think in terms of UPDATING rather than uninstalling. I suggested the dxdiag.
log to see how Via-dependant you system is…

thx guys for the replies … this issue is for my old computer …

I guess i’ll try to update instead of uninstall, actually i was thinking that this morning while i was brushing my teeth!! I’ll also do a dxdiag log just in case. Got to wait till i’m off work though.

I had to uninstall a secondary IDE chanel to fix a dma problem. Reboot and Windows did the rest. Easy fix. :smiley: