What's The Program To Completely REMOVE Roxio From Your System?

There was a program I came across on here that completely uninstalls Roxio files from your system. And no, it is not the Add/Remove one in Windows. It was a seperate program.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

I knew I should’ve saved that page when I came across it. :frowning:

Try Roxizap. If you have other Roxio software, i.e. GoBack installed it will also be uninstalled.

Before running RoxiZap you must manually uninstall Easy CD and DVD Creator 6, Easy Media Creator 7, GoBack and anything else on your system. It was intended only to remove ECDC4/5, however it can safely be used if other products have been removed from the system.

So - if you are unfortunate enough to have downloaded the latest 7.5 trial version how on earth do you remove the annoying application from your system once the trial has run out - I have edited my registry, used roxizap, removed programs (ms own feeble attempts) and all to no avail. I would email roxio and register my discontent at their snarling up my system but their website cleverly eludes from divulging their email / contact direct etc …

roxio - NEVER AGAIN!!!

I found the easiest wat to remove roxio is as follows.
Go to start, click on search, type in roxio, click on all files and folders. It will search and find all roxio files. Start at the bottom and right click on each one and select delete. When it tells you one can’t be removed. go to control panel, ad and remove. Remove easy cd creater and dvd creator. Then go back to your search file and remove the rest of the files.

Bill Tubberville

To remove version 6, I used RevoUninstaller in Hunter Mode. It left 2 registry entries, otherwise clean. Give it a try.

I found this page on Squidoo that talks about an uninstaller called Perfect uninstaller. Good luck with this…here’s the link. Julianna