What's the problem with using cable select?

I recently installed the NEC 3500A in to my rig. I have the LiteOn LDW-401S set as cable select on secondary channel along with the new NEC. The liteon is master and nec is slave. Both are DMA enabled. I have not experienced any problems yet with this config. Please tell me what problems I may face by doing this.

I have both my drives set on cable select in my crappy emachines. No problems.

As long as you use an 80 pin cable (not always the case with DVD) it should work. However I have seen some motherboards that defied rules.

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Anyway, there really is not a problem with cable select when using the
appropriate cords. However, it is a good idea to put the NEC on the IDE
master channel. General usage reports show that the drive seems to ‘prefer’
that placement.

The main problem with cable select is that motherboards seem to be
a bit crazy in support for it, but no one seems to know precisely why
this is so; some support it fine, some have problems, some refuse to
recognise the connected drives in certain configurations if cable select is
used. Thing is, a master/slave setting works nine times out of ten, so it is
best to use what generally works for most people.