Whats the problem? What am I doing wrong?

Hey guys first off I just want to say thank you for any help that you guys give me I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Now my problem is somthing that has been driving me crazy for the past 2 weeks and I have no clue what the problem is, even if I cant fix the problem I just want to know what the problem is…

Now just to clarify that im not illegly downloading games or anything, I have Fifa World Cup 2006 Germany for my Xbox360 , and I downloaded the SAME EXACT GAME for my PC, so I dont consider it stealing from the company or anything because I already purchased it for my xbox360 and if you dont believe me I can send you a picture with me holding the game :slight_smile:

Anyways I have an MDS/MDF file, and I have CompUSA DVD-R 8x Blanks, I loaded the images onto both Alcohol 120% and Nero, I load the image burning wizard on Alcohol 120% and I load the image and everything, it finishes burning 100% complete… Now I load the disk and I get NOTHING, I check in my computer and it looks like its blank, but when I look at the disk itself there is defiently data written to it… I tried burning just the image onto the disk with Nero Using DATA DISK, so that I can try upstairs and I get the same problem. Is it my burner that sucks? Am I doing somthing wrong? Or is my compusa disks that suck? Does anyone have any clue what I should do?

I dont want to mount it or anything using dameon tools I want to burn it onto the dvd-r but nothing works… Thanks for anyhelp guys I appreciate it.


I’m afraid you should really buy the PC version as well.

I guess it won’t be too long before one of the moderators closes this thread.

i dont get it , if i have the game its considered a backup no?
please dont close this mods, i just want to know if either my dvd writer sucks or the disks? pleaseeeeeeeee

so you bought the xbox 360 game and you think that jusitifies stealing the PC game? sorry dude, we can’t help you.

Ok just because you bought the xbox game does mean you can download and burn the PC one. That is illegal. If you want to backup the xbox game you could but to play it you’ll have to mod your xbox ( voiding the warranty). Due to past experiances I will not get in a debate on this. What I said is true and needs to be called resolved.

seems to me like u guys dont even know what the problem is and ur just making up stuff…

i just want to compare the graphics between the pc and 360 version… me n my friend are having a bet and he thinks pc looks better so i want to proove him wrong i dont understand why u guys are being so gay about helping me out…

Very intelligent nadizo. So many things wrong with your posts and somehow I get the feeling you think you’re right…ive never been good at telling who’s a troll and who isnt.

OK what’s wrong with this part of the original poster quote?

Honestly if you really want to compare go to your frieds house with the xbox game and compare or vice versa. I say once again just because you bought the xbox game doesn’t entitle you to download ( illegal) the PC version even if it is to compare.

Can you agree with me nadizo?

If not I do plan to report this post to the mods.

You only purchased the license to use the game on the Xbox 360, you need to purchase a PC version if you want to play this game on the PC.

And please respect our rules by not crossposting the same message in several forums.