What's the point of protecting Audio CDs



Seriously, why are Audio CDs protected, because I doubt that that really going to stop anyone copying, because they can just Rip and Burn, so I think that Audio protection(s) are useless and pointless…

What do you people thin???


Fully agree with you. When companies try to protect their audio discs they often only hurt the people that actually paid for the albums. Audio protections are fairly easy to bypass and thus it’s often only a matter of time before you can download the un-protected album off the Internet. So, audio protections are really completely ridiculous but the record companies seem to have a different opinion on this… Either that or the companies that develop the audio protections have a good sales pitch.


also, however good a protection even if it was “uncrackable” then there is allways a anologe method of just puting the cd in a normal cd player and connecting it to the computers sound card. with a good player, cable and sound card quality is exelent :slight_smile:


true, but then they have reached their goal because that requires equipment, apps, skill, and time.
Just popping in a blank cd in your burner and clicking a button is easy


It doesn’t make sense the way you’re looking at, one has to understand why it is used.
Audio protection isn’t meant to stop anyone, it’s really meant to slow down the mp3s since the majority of sales is only within the first 3 months or so. They acomplish their “goal” when it takes someone 8 months to crack it, this is why there are new copy protections being used all the time.


The real question is: What’s the point of copy protections in general?

“Es gibt keinen Kopierschutz… bestenfalls Kapierschutz” - CCC (Andy Müller-Maguhn), 2001


Samething to slow down piracy not stop it. That’s how they look at it. Release new media, sell the majority within the first few months and it will get copied but hopefully that will take time.