What's the overall reputation of long-term reliability of LG burners?

Hi folks :slight_smile: - I’m very unfamiliar with LG burners and the LG forum, so please bare with me :flower:

I want a new 18X burner, and I’m hesitating between a NEC 7170/73 and a LG H22N.

The LG seems to me like it’s on the brighter side for burning quality, mainly from lower jitter. But NEC burners are generally tough and robust and can last for long. I burn A LOT so for me it’s an important point…

So what’s the overall opinion about LG’s long-term reliability? Are they tougher than Liteys, or are they burners to be changed after, say… 600 burns? :stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t have nearly enough data to judge, but none of my LG burners ever showed any deterioration over time. I’ve got a bum 4167B once, and returned it, that’s the extent of the problems I’ve ever had with LG drives. An old 4163B was going strong for two years, now replaced by an H42N which is every bit as good but faster.

As far as quality and consistency, my three H22Ns all burn identically, unlike three recent Lite-On/BenQ drives [where I can tell which of the three burned a particular +R media by looking at a quality scan].

Anyway, I would get an H22N instead of an NEC 7170… like you said, for better burn quality alone.

I see what you mean. :bigsmile:

Thanks a lot for the detailed input, [B]agent009[/B] :flower:
Ordering right now. :cool:

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The LG GSA-4166 seems to have a 6 months to one year limited life… :sad:
No anti-dust system or something.
A cleaning sometimes work.

Noobie asks…anti-dust system?? :confused:

Like in the old BenQ DW1640 :

[I]“Anti-Dust Cooling System (ADCS)
With an integrated heat chimney design, ADCS redirects the heat flow out of the drive, while still providing protection from dust.”[/I]

Look here : http://www.benq.com/products/Storage/?product=554

I have had my H22N since Sept 2006, have easily burned 600+ DVD’s and it’s still running strong. It is a very solid built drive.

I couldn’t deal with the PIF Spikes on the NEC 7107 so I only had it about a week and sold it.

if u want a persistant burner then go away from LG it is short lived compared to anyother

I remember that Arachne once mentioned that her 4163B is aging… but to which extent?

My H10N gives good burn results but not as good as the 4163B I had before :sad:
It is very slow with recognizing discs, lead-in and stuff like that, but this has always been from the start.
Once in a while it burns total coasters like this one attached, but the next burn is totally fine. I’ve had that with more media types than just MCC 004, also CMC MAG E01 and a few similar media types sometimes showed this behavior. This MCC 004 was a Prodisc batch, the other discs were all from good to excellent.

I will burn quite a few discs for a replication project (home videos from a friend) in the next weeks and will report whether the H10N’s performance has remained consistant… :iagree:

The NEC has other problems (PIF spikes…).

Thanks for all the input :slight_smile:

Well, I didn’t realize that the H22N was so cheap (32 euros!) so I’ve ordered it anyway, no big deal if it fails after 500 burns.

I know about the NEC re-linking spikes, that’s why I came to consider the LG as a better alternative, because without the spikes the burning quality of the 7170/73 looks just as good, if not better in some instances.

Thing is, these spikes not only bother me, they caused me some -scarse but nevertheless annoying- issues in one of my standalone players with my NEC burns (3540 and 4550).

And as I never owned a LG burner before, as a genuine CDFreak I just had to own at least one… :bigsmile: - then there will be Plextor left, but I don’t think I’ll take this route sometime soon… not worth the price IMO.

Cheers :slight_smile:

To me a coaster is an unreadable / unusable disc. In my book this scan is just “very disappointing for MCC004”, not an indication of “coaster”.

I hope my H22N won’t produce too many MCC004 burns like this one though! :bigsmile:

Is it wise to buy now a H12 or H22? I would wait some days for the H42 or H52. I think even these burners will be outdated very soon because of LiteOn’s 20x coaster and maybe more SATA drives.

If you have a need and can put the drive to use… buy one. I now have both the H12N and H22N… and since my PSU recently blew out I guess I will be using the heck out of the H12N for a while. DVD optical drives are dirt cheap now and it’s good for us consumers that the mfg’s are trying to push BluRay and HD-DVD… I am not interested right now and will continue backing up data, vid, music, whatever onto DVD.

I don’t like waiting for hypothetic burners when I see burners that performs good and appeal to me. In an always changing economic world, companies/brands are not what they used to be, and the quality can go from great to disappoiting in very little time.
So I choose to buy what looks good to me, and if I’m satisfied I even buy a second unit as backup. I do the same with pairs of shoes. :bigsmile: - you never know what will be actually available in the future and if it will fulfill your needs…

So I have two Benq 1650 (my favorite DVDR burner and CD scanner as yet), two NEC 3540 (my favorite CD/DVD ripper and DVD scanner as yet), two NEC 4550 (my favorite CD burner, DVDRW burner and drive for DVD transfer rate tests as yet) and maybe I’ll end up with a second LG H22N if the drive consistently burns my MCC004 and YUDEN000T03 @18X with great quality. LOL

That’s also why I have a huge stack of blanks that I can trust, instead of waiting for hypothetic new great media…

There is a saying for that in French, [I]un bon “tiens” vaut mieux que deux “tu l’auras”[/I], which means: one good “you can have it right now” is better than two “you can have it tomorrow”.

You can spend a life waiting for “the next thing”, as there will always be a new “next thing” lurking. I try to live in the now. :slight_smile:

Now THAT was off-topic :bigsmile:

I agree otherwise I had never brought two drives last month. :bigsmile:
Was just a suggestion because firmware support is a nice thing to have…

It’s not aging terribly, it still burns great, but these days it seems to be at lower speeds (like 8x). These days it doesn’t burn the same batch of YUDEN000 T03 too brilliantly at 12x or even 16x (I even had a coaster out of a T03), when at one time it did both speeds better than any drive I owned. Other good 16x media suffers the same fate at those speeds. It seems to be slow deterioration, rather than out-and-out drive death. :slight_smile:

I must say though that I’ve had the drive in a number of machines and it’s been a real workhorse. Since it still works acceptably, I still have it and will probably use it in an enclosure at some point.

So I would say it’s had a good life so far, and my experience probably isn’t the norm :wink:

I own four LG burners (4166B, E10L, H22N & H22L) at this moment. I have made about 700 discs w/4166B and this drive is still going strong.
IMHO, the E10L, the H22N & the H22L really like MCC004, MCC03RG20, TYG02, YUDEN000T02, TYG03 and YUDEN000T03. I always get the good scans consistently with those drives. I’m very happy with them so far.
I also like my Pioneer 111D@111L TDB 8.29, BenQ DW1650 and Lite-On SH-16A7S (SATA), but that’s another story.

Yeah, I’m loving my E10N at the moment. Seems every bit as nice as my 4163B so far :iagree:

My 4163B was one of my first 16x drives and its going pretty well in my backup system.:bigsmile::bigsmile: Had it for nearly 2years still burns fine and fast.

The only LG drive i had a problem with was the 4166B but im sure this drive just had a internal fault and was not normal behaviour for this drive… I like the H12N best so far, but im on the waiting list for a H42 so im not sure just yet… LG are a great drive maker IMO… :bigsmile::bigsmile: