What's the newest safedisc? and do you think this plextor can do it?

Hi, what’s the newest safedisc? because I’m looking into getting Age of Mythology and I know I’m going to play that game so much and I do NOT want to hurt that cd, and I’m pretty sure that Microsoft sticks with Safedisc and I was wondering what version it is. And the burner I will be using will be a 12/10/32S burner. So what do yalls think?

The latest SafeDisc version to my knowledge is v2.80.010 and is found on for instance The Sims Unleashed. In this thread you can find interesting information. I cannot say for sure your Plextor drive will be able to cut it but there are a lot of reports of success with the Plextor drives when you use the programs mentioned in the thread. Good luck and please report back your findings. Use a CD-RW disc for your tests :wink: Remember to use CloneCD’s or PlexTools ‘Hide CDR Media’ when playing the back-up from your Plextor.

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This is a very resourceful place, and I’ll surf around when the time comes and see how the success will turn out. :bigsmile:

Hi !!!

I have made a 1:1 copy of Unleashed

I used Clonecd 4,with the safedisc 2 settings R&W at 8x

Liteon DVD LTD163d read
Liteon LTR 32123s write

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Well, you’re not getting the point, I only have that Plextor, and I don’t have the funds to get any other things…

Sorry poopeyhed2

One sec and I will pull my foot outer my mouth :slight_smile:

So what have you tryed so far poopeyhed2

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I’m a very picky gamer :confused: and the newest games that I’ve bought which were kind of ages of ago were GTA3 and MOHAA both of which I’ve reburned successfully

Well from what I have read DiscDump is one of the best Safedisc readers

But I would try Clonecd (with the safedisc 2.5 profile) first

See how go

BTW what did you use to copy GTA3 and MOHAA (clonecd ?)


I used the Game CD profile orginially and that didn’t work so I used it w/ Betablocker and that was a charm.

if you go to http://elby.ch/english/products/clone_cd/writers/p.html#plextor

This is the clonecd site it says that your cd burner can not read Correct EFM Encoding, so you will always have to use betablocker,or the AWS setting in clonecd,to backup your safedisc 2.XX protected games,have you download the profiles for clonecd yet?

hope this helps


Yup, I know, 2 sheep burners = the best like Liteon…