What's the name of the tool?




I’m going to be installing a second internal hd in my pc. When I opened the case, the gidgets (some sort of screw) that was used to attach the cage to the case look like they need an allen wrench to remove them but they have a metal bubble inside where the wrench would go so it wouldn’t work. What’s the name of the tool that I need to remove these and where would I buy one? Home Depot, Staples, Radio Shack? I don’t want to look foolish in front of them . . . I’d rather look foolish in front of you guys :flower: (a peace offering)



Does that metal bubble have a star shape?



maybe this is a riveted bolt, not intended to be removed. So, you should be able to insert the drive without removing the cage, if you’d be very careful.



Sounds like a rivet to me too. There has to be a different way to install the drive without removing these rivets. :slight_smile:


This one?

That’s a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screw. Radio Shack should have a JIS screwdriver set available.


what type of computer do you have?

check the manufacturer’s website. you should not have to remove anything that a standard screwdriver won’t take care of (unless you have some obscure brand)

i know my HP has a cae that looks stationary, but there’s a release button that allows the entire cage to slide out of the case.

the manufacturer’s website should have nice detailed instructions on how to replace the hard drive. it’s not hard, and there’s no need to use those instructions to a T, but at least you can see how they’re telling you to get to the brackets inside…


If it is not a rivet, it is a ‘security’ type screw to stop Tom, Dick or Harry from opening the case!

If this is the case (excuse the pun) you will need what is now commonly referred to as a ‘Torx’ style screwdriver (it isn’t actually a ‘Torx’ screw but it is often referred to as ‘Torx’ because ‘Torx’ fits the description of screws that are not screws as we know them - if you know what I mean?).

Don’t worry about feeling foolish about asking your local emporium about this type of screw-driver because they know diddly s&*t about them (but they might have one of them on their shelves all the same!).

From their original and limited, high-tech market, these screw types have become a cheap marketing ploy so search somewhere like ‘Screwfix Direct’ for a set of suitable tools to do the job you need (at a fraction of the price of your local ‘specialist’ tool supplier).



Sounds like a tamper-proof Torx screw. Standard Torx screws have a rounded star shaped indentation for the driver tip; tamper-proof versions have a tiny pin in the center to block a standard Torx driver. Most decent tool distributors sell tamper-proof Torx drivers.


Check your local Auto Supply store, aka AutoZone, Advance, or whatever is near you.


You might have to get a special wrench from a fastener supply store if it looks like this “Torx security screw”.
Edit: or if it looks like MR. B’s image above but with a little pin sticking up in the middle.