What's the "Music" CD

Are the CD’s made for Music any different in quality than other CD’s?
or what’s the difference?

They just cost more as tax has been paid I believe.

There’s little to better Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO , whatever they call them.

The CDs made for music are specially designed for standalone music recorders. And an additional copyright levy must be paid.
The burn quality is similar, although some of these are optimized for slower burning.

They should make “Compressed Music CDs” that’d cost even more, since more songs fit.

If a guy could get a good deal on Sony MIJ music Cd-r, would they be good for data also?


If you can get a good deal on those, yes. They are most likely Taiyo Yuden as they’re the last company standing (making CD-R in Japan).

I just checked 2 Music CD-Rs TDK and Memorex they both ID as Ritek. Fujifilm ID as Taiyo Yuden. Teon as CMC, Maxell as Hitachi Maxell

I also had 2 Memorex Picture CD-Rs that ID CMC

BTY they all play fine

Music CDs can be used as data CDs but data CDs can not be used in standalone CD Recorders.

I had 2 CD Recorders a Teac and an RCA