What's the most simple way to create barebones (text only) menus?

All is in the title I think…

I don’t need anything fancy, no images or animations, my aim is only to create barebones text menu from titles. The simpler, the better.

Thanks for your advice :bow:

Hey Franksoy. Hope you got an answer. I really don’t know. I have three or four different programs that I use, and they are all pretty much the same.

Hey thanks Harley2ride :slight_smile:

I realized after some time and some research that my question was kinda silly (I’m a newbie to DVD authoring, I’ve only used Shrink & Decrypter, ever :o ). I’ll go for Tmpgenc soon, looks like the only user-friendly software that will do everyting I want. I don’t have the time to play around with all the free apps out there :doh: - great work, all these free apps (IfoEdit…), but too time-consuming for noobs like me. :bigsmile:

Basically what I dream of would be an enhanced, commercial version of DVDShrink, with menu creation & chapters management… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a copy of Premiere Elements. It is supposed to be a fairly easy all in one solution, and it uses MainConcept Encoding. You can pick up elements on ebay for around $50.00.

that would be nerovison express. it will create menus, reencode the videos ect

Yeah, I was interested in this app, but from what I remember it’s impossible to get it standalone, but only with a full Nero pack (I think) so I passed. I’ll check it again, thanks.

Thanks, interesting too. I’m used to Adobe “look and feel” (I’ve been using professionally Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) so maybe I’ll like it.

I’m currently playing wih the trial version of Tmpgenc, doesn’t look bad :slight_smile:

I tried Nerovision Express and Tmpegenc. Couldn’t find any trial of Adobe Premiere elements.

Nerovision Express is loaded with cool features but has a very confusing (though pretty looking) design in my opinion. I got confused and gave up after 30 minutes.
The good surprise was that it detected my Nero license reg, I didn’t know there would be no additional cost!
The bad surprise is that I found NO way to import .VOB files on my HD as movies/titles (i.e. reconstructing the original clip from split VOBs by using the IFO). It seems to import as movies only from an actual DVD in the drive :confused:

Tmpegenc DVD Author is rather barebones, but the design is well conceived (though very ugly to my taste). The learning curve was extremely fast (in 20 minutes I had my first project of 8 titles, with menus!). That’s the kind of apps I like :slight_smile: - just like DVD Shrink. Does exactly what I need.

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

I use Ulead Videostudio or DVD Workshop and it does similar work as NeroVision

Thanks, I’ll check that too :slight_smile: