Whats the most hours that can get into 1 DVD? without losing quality DVD-5

whats the most hours that can get into 1 DVD? without losing much video quality on a
i have done 4 hours in one dvd and it still looked good(i didnt notice any video quality lost), but today i burned 10 movies(about 100 each) into 1 and i could noticed the quality lost

please post what was the max of hours you put into a DVD without noticeable quality lost

PD: i use ConvertXtoDVD

If the movies are short enough, I’d reckon two or three hundred. Just goes to show that ‘quality’ is a very subjective thing. There are lots of things you can do, like use 1/2 D1 resolution, Xvid compression, lowering the audio sample rate, etc. but ultimately [I]YOU[/I] have to decide the acceptable quality level.

As posted, it’s very subjective. It also depends on the quality of the source. If it’s low quality you will notice less difference but then again there’s less video information that can be removed (hence less shrinking is possible).

2 hours is a reasonable limit, balancing bitrate against image quality.

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This link may help.