What's the maximum temperature that CDs should be stored at?

Hi guys,

I’ve basically just completely re-done my room and am trying to cram everything I can now into the cupboard I’ve just expanded, thing is it gets incredibly warm in there sometimes and I’m worried about putting my DJ Box (I think that’s the right word for them :P) in there in case it conducts head and it ends up screwing up the CDs.

What’s the maximum temperature I should store them at?


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Generally I tend to look for a cool dark place, no specific temp for me but obviously not too high.

I think humidity plays a part as well, recently I’ve had some pretty good discs perform not so well as it’s fairly humid here in the south-west UK at the moment.

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The generally accepted industry standard for ALL computer media is 125’F. That’s a max temp, and it should be noted that the longer the media is exposed to this temp, the lower the max is. I’d say that 100’F would be a fair bet for short-term exposure. Humidity is also a factor.

My media vault is rated to maintain under 125’ for one hour in a 2000’F fire. I don’t plan on testing it. I keep CDRs in my car in the southwest USA desert all year, I’m sure temps routinely hit 100, so far no big problems.

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Huge thanks guys, will get a thermometer in there sometime and check the temperature in there (my evil parents decided I should have it in my cupboard to make way for their en-suite :P) and see how I get on. Humidity wouldn’t of been a problem since it’s in the metal box. That’s my main concern though, metal conducts heat, so I’m worried it may get really hot in there! I assume CDs aren’t like vinyls where they can warp easily out of shape?

They can, so be sure to store them vertically. :slight_smile:

Just checked now, it’s around 40degrees C and it’s not as hot as it sometimes gets, so I assume I’ll ahve to find somewhere else to store them d’oh

Can someone please just confirm whether 40degrees~ is going to be suitable? I guess not :frowning:

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It’s pretty hot in here at the moment, if my roomstat was working I’d give you a rough idea. But it’s not, sorry :frowning:


The maximum safe storage temperature is very dependant on how long you are attempting to archive your media for. The general rule is lower the better (which by coincidence is the general rule for a lot of factors concerning optical media quality/longevity :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If you want your CD-R to last as long as possible, you should be aiming for a stable temperature of ~10°C at 20-50% Relative Humidity. This is probably unrealistic for most non-professional archivists, so you should aim to get as low as is practicable in your circumstances.

Too hot for long periods.
It regularly hits 40Deg C here in summer … but it cools down at night.
Why does the inside of your cupboard hit 40deg C?
Got your computer in there too?

Right, unless they are stored in mere paper sleeves, then vertically can be even worse than horizontally… :wink:

Ah I see, cheers guys, I’ve found a place for them now anyways :smiley: What about storing blank CDs/DVDs on spindles? I assume the same applies? Like I said btw it only gets so hot because my parents decided to put the immersion heater in there to make way for an en-suite ;o