Whats the main difference between a 811 and a 851?



reason i asked is i exchanged my 811 for issues with burning…recieved a 851 instead…noticed that it uses different firmware…is there a fundimental difference between these drives? must be something if it uses different fimrware correct? :slight_smile:


Hi Jamos.

Yes - the hardware in the two drives is different. Hence, the firmware to control the chipset and the PUH is compiled and written differently.

There is conjecture and hearsay about the difference in both drives write quality. The general consensus was, from memory, that the x51S series drives were simply cheaper to produce. Others say the x51S series perform better. Subjective I guess.

The newer series again from LiteOn, the SOHW-xxxx line are different hardware again, using the Sony PUH. Oddly enough, still uses the MT1818E chipset however!


I thought the X11/X51 use the MT1816?


And you would not be wrong Bhairav - both use the MT1816 & MT1818E on-chip. It is the PUH that is the different hardware here! :smiley:


Ah, cheers for the info.