What's the longest lived technology

I just had to start this since we have the shortest lived going :stuck_out_tongue:

VHS bro still alive
vacum tubes still being used

I still use wood and stone. Sometimes they are helpful for wheelchair riding on rough terrain.

The lever. It’s been around since the dawn of time.

I think the zipper belongs on this list

Knives and the wheel.

Velcro. Books.

douche bag LOL

fire, radio, light, cars…ask dear the Caveman, Thomas Edision, and Mister Ford

Something made of bones.


stone and stick throwing?

Very similar.

Robinson Crusoe also used a lot of wood though it’s only in nonfiction.

Technology is too broad a term comprising everything from fire and wheel to semiconductors and nanomachines.

yo cell phones are here to stay for good

Hmm I think you’d better generalize that to multi-purpose mobile devices.

Just phoning with such a device isn’t done anymore by now and I guess in the near future, many more appliances for “mobile phones” will be found. My guess is that PDAs and phones will integrate fully (smart phones), together with mobile media players (mobile audio and video), camera’s, mobile gaming, gps, dictaphone etc etc…

ok ok cell technology how about that

I’m not sure about dictaphones but the rest are already available affordably. LG-made HP RW6100 looked good but it was only one megapixel when there was already 5-megapixel camera phone. Personal Multimedia Players with up to 7-inch LCD screen are also hot these days. Many in these industries are going to get richer and richer.

As far as I can remember, Apple’s Newton wasn’t connected and the first cellular phones didn’t have games and MP3. Now some people use phones just like game machines and desktops.

Mobile, personal, wireless, flexible, portable, etc.

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thats probley why cavemen dragged there wimmin around by there hair

Vinyl Records have been around for ages and will do so for a long time yet.