Whats the latest on Clone dvd

Hi Whats the latest on clone dvd. Seems to be a lot of sofware emerging at the moment that can produce 1:1 copies but seem to be very buggy. Will there be much of a wait for clone dvd?

Planned for March 2003

That’s over four days!!


So does anyone know the exact date?

Everyones waiting in anticipation. Any news on the date?

Sorry not much info but we posted this news on the mainpage:


Elaborate Bytes is working hard on their latest product CloneDVD which is currently in beta state. Unfortunately the company could now show or give us a working beta version but the screenshots provided some interesting information. All we can say for now is that the software will have a very easy to use and cool looking user interface… More information on CloneDVD will be posted after the CeBIT 2003 exhbition![/i]
I’ve already seen screenshots when we met Olli @ CeBIT (lucky me ;)) and it looks promising. That’s about the only info I can give you for now but hopefully we’ll post more info soon… Stay tuned :bigsmile: