What's the last upgrade you made to your PC?

I love new PC bits, so I was curious. :wink:

However, I haven’t updated either of my beasts in awhile, not properly.

Last things I put in, are a BenQ 1650 in PC no.2, and a nice new monitor for PC no.1.


Latest “upgrade” was recovering an old HDD (20 GB), that I put in an external box.

Not really important, but definitely 20 GB more in my system :bigsmile:

added 2x160GB Seagate PATA HDDs a while back…not much over the last few months though.

new GFX card … AGP card Nvidia 6800GTX

I cant remember in what order so I;ll just say in the past few months; I swapped the two 256mb ram cards out of my laptop for two 512mb ones, added the 1650 to the desktop, replaced a dead CPU heatsink fan, replaced 80 pin IDE cable.

19" Iiyama ProLite screen, last week - looks a bit plasticky but the “picture’s perfect” and at only €235 I’m pretty pleased with it so far.

Also working on a K8N Neo2 w/ Venice 3000+ setup to finally replace the core of what’s in my sig. Will need some extra work to make it as quiet though :slight_smile: .

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (Toledo) Dual Core. It rocks. :iagree:

I’ve had it clocked to 120% and stable with the stock heatsink and fan. The RAM was getting a bit warm though. :bigsmile:

Have you tested with dvd shrink? I read somewhere that it can use both core to do compression :eek:

on a stock fan that is pritty good!

The stock heatsink and fan.

WOW is that the fan and heatsink that came with the AMD cpu :eek:
ME what a AMD rig NOW!

That is a sweet heatpip and fan!! :iagree: :clap:

Here is another shot, you can just about make out the AMD sticker on the hub of the fan.

Is it a noisy fan?

Upgrading can be adictive My toys are in my signature

Nope it’s very quiet, at the moment it’s spinning at 1188 RPM. CPU is 36c :slight_smile:

Those are some nice new toys :iagree:…there’s nothing like buying PC bits. Except maybe buying media :bigsmile:

Did you do this test?

Yep it uses both cores.
The disc was a DL pressed DVD around 7.9 gig

:bow: :bow:

An entire shrinking in 10 minutes? /ME want one of these puppy :sad:

:bow: :bow: :bow: :clap: