Whats the fastest way to pull a whole DVD to the HD?

Hi Everyone, first post.

I own DVDfab - it’s a great program and I’ve spread the word far and wide.

I’m trying to convert a bunch of my TV show DVD sets to xvid, but I can only do one disc at a time.

So what I’ve been doing is ripping 4 discs to the hard drive in an evening, then I sit down and cue up all 4 discs for conversion to xvid (still using dvdfab) entering all the titles etc, I let it run overnight and it’s ready by morning.

Does anyone know which is the fastest way to do the initial rip to HD?
I’ve been using the full disc option with DVD9 to an ISO file, but it appears as if it first rips to folders, then constructs the ISO last -
So I suspect its faster to use Full disc - DVD9 - to folders instead of DVD9?
Also wondering if clone is faster than full disc?

Thanks everyone!

are the original disc copy protected?

if not use imgburn read mode.

A 7gb dvd9 no-compression rip to hard drive folders would be 15 mins or so on a good PC

customise mode is faster as you can exlude all unwanted languages & subtitles - TV series DVDs often have 10 or more language sets so that the save DVd can be sold worldwide. So customise + ticking only the main titles sets could save you 1GB and complete 5 mins faster.