What's the fastest DVD encoding software?

What’s the fastest DVD encoding software right now?

DVD to any format, like VCD, SVCD, DIVX, and so on…

I think it would be great if you could also tell the time which it took you to convert a DVD into any format, it’s would be better if you tell how fast is your computer and other stuff like that.

For me, I have try DVDtoVCD, #1 DVD Ripper, and InterVideo DVDCopy, and other crap like Amigo DVD ripper…

DVDtoVCD is horrible, I don’t understand why so many people use this software, but it’s just horrible, yes, IT’s SUPER easy to use, but, I mean, the time which it took to convert a DVD, it’s just unwaitable, 4 hours or more???

#1 DVD Ripper is pretty decent, it’s pretty fast to convert a DVD TO DVIX, and the interface is great, it’s very easy to use to , but DVD TO VCD take also a couple hours, so it’s not good.

DVDCopy is the one I like, but there’s so many bugs in this software, the first time I try it, the movie is not completely convert althought it saids 100%, after a couple days, I can’t convert to DIVX no more which I use to do with this software, but I think it is the best out there, The speed to great.

Try EazyVCD ( www.eazyvcd.tk )for DVD to VCD but dont expect it to happen quickly. There are no real quick dvd to vcd programs.

Moviejack is faster than EazyVcd because it rips and encodes simultaneously. However, the quality of the output is inferior to that of EazyVcd.

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Any newer answers 7 years later? I’d like to know however not encooding ot of dvd but the fastest program from say n avi file to dvd format… to eventually be burned